Rex Ryan’s Transformation


When, New York Jets head coach, Rex Ryan signed with the team back in 2009, he weighed over 300 pounds and guaranteed a Super Bowl victory, but now Ryan has lost over 100 pounds, and he won’t even guarantee who his quarterback will be next season.

After handing out ice cream to fans during a promotional event for New Era caps in the middle of Broadway, Rex Ryan was asked if Geno Smith would be named the starting quarterback going into next season, and Ryan replied, “We could say it, but with us, you can’t really say with any certainties on anything right now because you’re just starting the offseason.”

I hate the word “swagger” so I refuse to use it, but what happened to Rex’s exuberance, his confidence? Was all of his weight loss mainly in the man region? There was a time when Rex could be considered the Muhammad Ali of the NFL; reporters would hang on his every last word, but now he seems as plain as Bill Belichick. I love Bill but he is a bit bland.

In his first two season as head coach, Ryan went to back to back AFC Championship games, granted he had better players to coach like Darrelle Revis, Bart Scott, and Mark Sanchez (the last one was a joke), and granted the team only had one more loss this season, but the Wild Card position in the playoffs is still the playoffs, and when they got there they wreaked havoc, knocking out the great New England Patriots. The Jets just haven’t had that same spark recently and neither has their coach.

I agree, I don’t believe Geno Smith should be named the unquestionable starter either. This was his rookie season, and he did look promising when he passed for three touchdowns against Atlanta, but those performances were rare. Overall, he was a turnover machine, he finished 4th in the league with 21 interceptions, and he accumulated a miserable 66.5 QB rating. I’m aware that he didn’t have the array of talented receivers as Peyton Manning did, but his inconsistency overshadowed his projected draft potential.

The New York Jets have four quarterbacks on the roster.

Mark Sanchez was the quarterback for the Jets when they went to back to back AFC Championships, but the last two years the only thing he has accomplished is being the victim of one football’s most hilarious plays: “The Butt Fumble.”

David Garrard’s last season as a starter was in 2010 with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and he actually had a decent season, throwing for 23 touchdowns, 2,734 yards and a QB rating of 91. But after the team released him in favor of first-round pick Blaine Gabbert, (who in the hell is in charge of that organization?) Garrard has dealt with a number of knee injuries.

Chis Simms, son of former New York Giants quarterback and Super Bowl XXI MVP Phil Simms and brother of former NFL quarterback Chris Simms, hasn’t played a full game in the NFL, and with the little minutes he did receive this year, he didn’t show any signs that he was his father’s son, throwing only one touchdown in 31 attempts.

And of course there’s Geno Smith. Personally, I would start Geno Smith, just because they’ve spent so much money drafting him in the first round. However, I can understand those who are advocating for Garrard and Simms. Garrard is a good game managing quarterback, and he also has the most experience, and Simms hasn’t really been given a fair chance with never starting a game.

However, there is no case for Mark Sanchez who has had his chances, finishing with the lowest QB rating among starters in the past two seasons, so those of you advocating for him should sit down and shut up: I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets cut from the team.

I understand Rex Ryan’s insincerity; I too would be flustered with that group of quarterbacks, but still show some backbone. How is a team supposed to get behind a coach with no sense of conviction?

I’m aware that Rex Ryan’s last two seasons weren’t his best, and I’m aware that he was on the hot seat for a while, so I don’t blame him for keeping his mouth shut, but know he has a new contract, and it’s time for him to get back to being the old Rex Ryan, the Rex Ryan who stood up at the podium, disregarded his weight, and freely spoke his mind. He can keep the weight off for health reasons if he wants, but no matter how much I hate the word, he’s in desperate need of that Mick Jagger swagger.