Will the Philadelphia 76ers trade Evan Turner?

When Evan Turner was drafted number two overall back in 2010, many Philadelphia 76er fans were ecstatic with the decision.  At the time, this appeared to be a great selection and looked as if the team would capitalize heading into the next season.

The 76ers made it to the playoffs in Turner’s first two years with the team, but his results were not what the team was hoping for.  During these two seasons, he only averaged 8.3 points per game as consistent offense became a huge struggle for him.

The city of Philadelphia started questioning the pick and whether or not Turner was worth being selected at number two.  Management insisted they made the right decision even though players like DeMarcus Cousins, Paul George, and Gordon Heyward were selected after Turner.

Over his first four seasons, Turner has improved his game and has become a more critical piece to the 76ers’ offense.  Even though he has gotten better, he has not been the player the 76ers organization had hoped for.

With the 76ers heading into the All-Star break on an 8-game losing streak, they are more than likely going to look to move some pieces prior to the upcoming trade deadline.  Turner has been the name that teams have shown some interest in.

Although Turner is not the All-Star player that the 76ers expected him to be, he still is a solid player that could help some teams in the playoff hunt.  Turner has some playoff experience in his young career and could be an asset to teams that are unfamiliar with the postseason environment.

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One team in particular that has shown some interest in Turner is the Charlotte Bobcats.  Just like the 76ers, Charlotte is a young team but they are much further along in their rebuilding process than Philadelphia. 

Despite the fact they are under .500, they are in the playoff mix in the Eastern Conference.  Trading for Turner would be a huge addition and make it more likely for them to finish in the top eight.

It has been reported that the Bobcats are considering offering Ben Gordon along with a first round pick for Turner.  This offer is not final, but it will more than likely be talked about over All-Star weekend.

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The 76ers should seriously consider Charlotte’s proposal or even attempt to get something better.  If a viable offer is put on the table for Turner, it is most likely in the team’s best interest to accept it.

Turner is a free agent at the end of the season and he hasn’t indicated he wants to re-sign with Philadelphia.  The 76ers have not publicly expressed any interest in bringing him back either.

Therefore, Philadelphia needs to get something for him before he hits free agency.  The league is aware that Turner is a number two pick and that the talent is there, so the 76ers should get other offers.

It is clear that the 76ers are playing for the future and want to improve through the upcoming draft as well as free agency.  Turner does not appear to be part of their future plans so it is vital they part ways before February 20th.

If they are able to make a deal where they receive another first round pick, that will make it three first round picks in this summer’s draft.   The 76ers also have plenty of cap space where they can find a good free agent to hopefully come in for next year.

General manager Sam Hinkie has made it clear that he has thrown away this season in hopes of getting better in the future.  Trading the number two pick from a few seasons ago may be tough, but it may indeed help the team going forward.

While Turner has been a decent player for the 76ers, he has been far from a fan favorite.  Wednesday night’s game against the Utah Jazz may very well have been Evan Turner’s last game as 76er.

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