The impact of the postponement for Duke basketball

Two teams are merely eight miles away and the weather kept them from playing the game.  This was the biggest rivalry being played during rivalry week, but they were unable to have it.  This was a disappointment for every college basketball fan, as Duke-UNC is a game everyone wants to watch.  They have rescheduled the game that was supposed to be played on February 12th for February 20th, but this could have a big impact on the Blue Devils.

The Duke basketball team will now have to play North Carolina and Syracuse back to back.  The Syracuse game is a game at home, and it was one that the Blue Devils could win.  The game at North Carolina coming just two days before the Syracuse game could cost the Blue Devils an upset game against Syracuse.  This won’t give them a significant amount of time to get ready for a number one team in the country, and it could cost them the game against Syracuse.  They will have to play a great game to beat North Carolina, and it will only give them a day to get ready for Syracuse.Rodney Hood

This could cost them during the season, but this could be a blessing in disguise for the NCAA tournament.  This could be a situation that they see in the second weekend in the tournament- facing a good team, and then going on to face a great team.  This season has helped improve a very young team, and could continue that trend later this month.  This could be a great thing for them when March gets here.

It would be hard to ask any team to beat their biggest rival and also beat the number one team in the country.  This is going to be a huge test for the Blue Devils in late February.  It will get them ready for March, but probably will result in another loss for the Blue Devils this season.  This will make the final stretch of games even tougher, but it will help them improve.

Going forward they will have to play North Carolina twice and Syracuse in the span of less than twenty days.  The other games beside the game against Maryland should be easy wins, and will put them in place to get a top seed in the NCAA tournament.  They should get the three seed in the ACC tournament behind Syracuse and Virginia, whose only lose is to Duke in the ACC, which will put them in a good position to compete for the ACC tournament championship.  This is a really good team, and right now they are positioning themselves for a good position in both tournaments going forward, and this should be a great end to the season for Duke.