Mexico Soccer: Home away from home; Marco Fabian gains momentum with Cruz Azul


Marco Fabians sorrows finally feel like a thing of the past. Currently reveling in tremendous form, Fabian will hope to continue Cruz Azul’s run of  success a top of the Liga MX table.

A win this Saturday against Puebla would see La Maquina maintain its unbeaten streak this season.

Not to long ago Fabian was rotting away in Guadalajara. Fabian looked overwhelmed by the pressures of guiding Chivas out of its rut. The burden was far too troubling to handle. Fabians decision to go out on loan away from Chivas might have been the best tonic to the disastrous relationship that had developed with Chivas.

Fabian was suffocating in Guadalajara. Week after week he lacked intensity and drive. Fabian was begininng to look jaded like a player who had  reached his peak and finally fallen from it. But now with Cruz Azul Fabian is proving to be a valuable asset. With 3 goals already in the league and currently sitting in first place it seems Fabian has found his place.

Fabian has looked reinvigorated this season. Perhaps all Fabian needed was to escape Guadalajara. A clean slate can sometimes be all the difference. Free of baggage Fabian can finally play to the best of his ability. Capable of doing tremendous things Fabian remains a valid option for the national team. Although I fully expected to see Fabian at Brazil 2014 it seems unlikely that Miguel Herrera will consider him with the long list of players at his disposal.

The competition for a spot in Brazil is much to intense for Fabian to swoop in and acquire a place. Still Fabians great form with Cruz Azul should not be ignored.

Unfortunatley a couple of tough seasons with Chivas have hindered his growth as a player. Finally getting an opportunity to start new it will take Fabian sometime to fully develop into the player he is capable of being. Perhaps Russia 2018 will be a clearer option for Fabian to finally make his his mark with El Tri.