Philadelphia 76ers: Only Sam Hinkie knows

The NBA trade deadline is just five days away and Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner are still in Sixer uniform. The decision to keep them is quickly approaching.

Early in the season it was seen as a long shot for Hawes and Turner to still be members of the Philadelphia franchise. Many assumed the Sixers would take what they could and move on, but with the deadline quickly approaching, it is now sounding like the Sixers might end up holding onto the duo for the rest of the season.

Evan Turner may end up staying all season.

Evan Turner may end up staying all season.

Because they have plenty of cap space and roster spots, not making a deal would be a surprise. They have two expiring contracts in Hawes and Turner, and it is unlikely either player will be back next season. So it’s hard to believe that holding onto the pair until they enter free agency would be something general manager Sam Hinkie would like to do. Any asset, no matter how small, would be more valuable to the Sixers than Turner or Hawes.

Interestingly, on the other hand, Hinkie not making a deal may almost make sense.

Hinkie doesn’t talk too much about his future plans and that mysterious aspect is outstanding for a general manager. He’s the same guy who shockingly released All-Star Jrue Holiday out of nowhere. It might be safe to say that if Hinkie saw a deal he liked, it would have been done already. So maybe there are no deals out there for the Sixers. As hard as that is to believe, and as upsetting as it might be to fans, maybe the Sixers will not make a deal.

One player Hinkie previously considered is Cleveland Cavaliers’ guard Dion Waiters. Waiters was sensational in the Rising Stars All-Star game, dropping 31 points, seven assists and three steals on 10-14 shooting. Yes, it was an All-Star game, but the performance displayed was the kind of high level basketball Waiters has been playing lately.

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In three of his last four games leading into the All-Star break, Waiters has scored over 18 points and shot over 40% from the field. Maybe the credit belongs to Cavaliers’ general manager, who recently told Waiters that he would not be traded.

Despite what the Cavaliers might have told Waiters, the reality is that if the Sixers come calling, they will listen. And right now, if the Sixers call, any team should listen — because Hinkie is loaded with picks, player, and expiring deals.sixers-waiters

Would the Cavaliers still take Evan Turner, and expiring contract and Ohio State legend, for Waiters? A week ago, the Sixers would probably recoil at that idea. Because the trade deadline is approaching, maybe a chance on Waiters is the best option they have, and an option that looks more attractive now than it did before. If the Cavaliers don’t want Turner, maybe the Sixers offer Thaddeus Young for Waiters, Alonzo Gee, and a pick?

The one thing for certain is that Hinkie is the only person who knows what the Sixers will do. I can’t see Hinkie changing course because of one game. The Sixers can probably land a shooting guard, who’s just as good as Waiters, in next year’s draft. Just keep in mind – there is chance that the Sixers won’t make any deals within the next five days.

And that, of course, will be viewed as a disappointment to many Sixer fans.

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