What Joakim Noah means to the Chicago Bulls

In a season full of high points and down points for the Chicago Bulls one thing has remained constant, the passion of two time all-star center Joakim Noah.

Later tonight Joakim Noah will be making his second consecutive appearance in the NBA all-star game and he could not be more deserving. Noah may lack the natural talent to ever be a prolific scorer, but his sheer will and determination have turned him into a force to be reckoned with as well as one of the game’s best all-around defenders.

During his first couple seasons in the NBA Joakim Noah was consistently overpowered by older and stronger players in the post. Thankfully for Bull’s fans Noah did not let his lack of early success in the league bother him too much. Noah apparently used his past struggles as motivation to continue to work hard and transform himself into one of the best centers in the game.

Noah has definitely added a lot of muscle to his 6’11 232 pound frame in order to give himself the strength and the leverage that is required to be a prolific rebounder in the NBA. Noah has also noticeably improved his mid-range jump shot as well as his free throw shooting to make him more of a threat on offense.

I believe that he sometimes does not get the respect that he deserves for his offensive game because of his rather unorthodox jump shot that looks like spins like a tornado. Regardless of how it may appear he will hit an open midrange shot more times than not.  Because of this teams are learning to respect Noah as an offensive player.

Joakim Noah’s passion for winning may be the single greatest reason that the Chicago Bulls have been able to stay above .500 this season. Without Noah constantly giving his best effort on a daily basis it is very easy for me to see this team kind of giving up on this season because of all the tragedies that occurred earlier this year.

The type of energy and effort that Noah consistently brings to the table has paid dividends towards the success of the Chicago Bulls on the defensive side of the ball. Noah has served as the anchor of Tom Thibodeau’s defensive schemes over the past few seasons. Without Noah it is very hard to imagine the Bulls having nearly as much recent success as they are currently enjoying.

Fans of opposing teams appear to have a general dislike for Joakim Noah because of the amount of enthusiasm he tends to display when things are going well for the Chicago Bulls. Bulls fans on the other hand have learned to appreciate Noah for what he is, an extremely hard working big man who has transformed himself into one of the best centers in the league. Not only has Noah transformed himself into a much better player but he has turned the Bulls into an all-around better basketball team and for that Joakim Noah, we thank you.