Minnesota Vikings: Signing Michael Vick would be a disaster

The quarterback situation in Minnesota is not good and this offseason the Vikings will be active in searching for a new starter.

Michael Vick is a name that has popped up on the Minnesota Vikings’ radar as of late. His speed and strong arm could make the team very versatile, but the biggest problem with Vick is his decision making on the field.

Hasn’t Minnesota learned its lesson when trying out veteran quarterbacks?

Vick was not good when he played for the Eagles last season, completing only 54 percent of his passes for five touchdowns and three interceptions. Since his return to the NFL, hitting open receivers has been his biggest problem.

Christian Ponder, Matt Cassel and Josh Freeman had the exact same problem last season. Who’s to say that Vick can reverse this trend and magically turn his career around with the Vikings when he struggled with the Eagles?

Minnesota Vikings

Donovan McNabb was the last veteran quarterback that flopped when playing for the Vikings.

Vick had targets to throw to like DeSean Jackson and Brent Celek last season but failed to keep consistency even though he had a couple of solid receivers to work with.

Nick Foles came in to replace Vick and was spectacular, leading the Eagles to the playoffs. In my mind, Vick was the problem in Philadelphia and the Eagles are going to be much better without him as quarterback.

The Vikings would be taking a severe risk on Michael Vick and I just don’t see it paying off at all.

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A few years back, they tried out on former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb and that failed miserably, there’s really nothing to convince me that Vick is the guy to take over as quarterback ¬†for the Vikings. He struggled last year and it should simply not be the Vikings who take the risk on signing him.

Minnesota has taken enough risks on washed up quarterbacks. It’s time to either stick with Cassel or draft a young quarterback. The team is too talented to settle for an incompetent quarterback.


  • 3kolu

    I agree. He can’t even last a full season. He’s had one complete season in 11 years. And, he’s not getting any younger. His height is becoming more of a problem because he’s not as impactful a runner. And, when he runs he gets hurt. He has a lifetime 56.2% pass completion rate. Vick won’t be coming to Minnesota except to throw the ball to our cornerbacks.

  • Mnstorm99

    Fact: Vick is better than anything on the Vikings roster (I am only counting Ponder at this point)
    But, Vick has never been a good NFL QB, he really hasn’t. Amazing athlete, no doubt, but he has lost a step. Vick was not a good passer in college, for the Falcons or for the Eagles…so I do not think he will be a good passer here.
    And again, I personally do not see him fitting into a Norv Turner offense.

  • Jeff

    Are you stupid? Vick had a good season for what playing time he did have. Vick is a top 10 QB in this league no matter how much he is disliked. He has been wrecked the last few years do to a banged up o-line. Vick is hands down better then any QB on the Vikings Roster. Why not use him for 2 years or until a franchise QB is available in the draft?

  • Jordan

    Are you kidding me, Vick is a beast and an amazing athlete. Ap and Vick would make an unstopable team. vick played with a coach who did not know how to coach him and a injuried line. vick played his games last year against top 10 teams and won and when foles did he lost. foles played bad teams. Having vick in Minnesota would be a god send and some of the best football i have ever seen.

  • VikesFan

    Adding Vick would make this offense so scary to defend. Vick is an incredible athlete. Vick didn’t succeed the last couple years in Philly cause from the games I saw, he spent most of his time running for his life. He played hard every play, even with cracked ribs a couple years ago. The Vikings need that type of leadership under center. NOT signing Vick would be a huge mistake.

  • Mnstorm99

    I actually agree with this article. Cassell is better than Vick at this point of their careers, and fits much better into what we know of Norv Turner’s offense.
    But, Cassell will not be here either. I say he lands in Houston or Oakland.

  • Josh

    This article is terrible? Matt Cassel? Ha Petterson would love to play with Vick