Baltimore Ravens sign Terrell Suggs through 2018

Baltimore Ravens

Terrell Suggs (Wikimedia Commons)

It’s official. Baltimore Ravens‘ star outside linebacker Terrell Suggs has signed a four-year contract extension that will keep him in Baltimore through 2018.

“I’m glad to say that Sizzle is here for life,” Suggs said. “This is a first-class organization and I’m really honored that I do have the opportunity to finish my career where I started it. This is a really great thing for me and I’m truly honored that I get to be a Raven for life.”

In total, Suggs’ contract is worth $28.5 million according to the NFL’s reports.

The contract will free up some cap space for the Ravens. Initially, Suggs’ contract was expected to take up about $12.4 million of the Ravens’ allotted salary cap. But with the new deal, it will free up about $5 million and the Ravens will have some room to work.

“We all knew we needed to clear up some salary cap space to bring some guys in so that we could reload,” Suggs said about taking less money. “The number one priority is to get us back to that place where we’re in the championship game the last two out of three years. I think that’s definitely our number one priority.”

Suggs quickly emerged as a leader during his early years as a Raven. Much of that could be contributed to playing alongside Ray Lewis for ten seasons. When Lewis retired, Suggs was the new motivator on defense. Now that Suggs is ensured the rest of his time in Baltimore, he can focus on going out strong, as well as becoming a mentor to the newest group of defenders, much like Lewis was to Suggs for so many years.

The contract negotiation worked in favor of both Suggs and the Ravens. Suggs gets to finish out his career in Baltimore and will remain one of the central forces on the Ravens defense, while the Ravens organization saves money while simultaneously keeping one of their best players.


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