F1: Ferrari’s explosive dream team… #kimando

#kimando is the chemistry produced by the combination of Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso, first year teammates at Ferrari.

It will be an explosive year one way or the other:  greatest team ever or disastrous ego blowup.   So the term #kimando will take on meaning as the season progresses.   At this point in time, it just means massive explosive potential.

F1 Fastpass:  Fernando Alonso


Raikkonen and Alosno on the podium

My prediction is that Ferrari will find the podium every week;  capture 3 wins for each driver; and win a second constructors cup for team principal Stefano Domenicali.  While I believe the rule changes create unique opportunities for new entrants, these are two champions that have won at every level.

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Certainly one of the most exciting things about the upcoming Formula 1 season is the team Ferrari is putting on the grid.   Two highly popular and successful heavyweights in F1, Kimi Raikkonen comes back to Ferrari where he won the 2007 drivers championship to join two time champion Fernando Alonso (2005, 2006).

These guys found the podium a combined 17 times in 2013, and both would love nothing more than to dethrone Sebastian Vettel, who has won the last 8 races of the year and the last 4 championships.  It seemed the entire F1 world was rooting for someone, anyone to challenge the dominant Red Bull team last season.

There are several teams ready to challenge this year, and we’ll get to all of them.  But let’s start with the dream team Ferrari has assembled.


Fernando Alonso was born in Oviedo, Asturias in Northern Spain, where his father worked at an explosives factory.   No joke, but it gets better.  He won his first Formula 1 championship at 24 (2005), his second at 25 (2006), married a rock star, makes the Forbes top 20 paid athletes list every year, and has a pretty significant tattoo of a Samurai on his back.  Apparently he’s no longer with the rock star, but you can’t take away those championships or that tattoo.

Will  Nando and Kimi fuel each other

Nando prepares for a championship run

Nando’s championships followed a five year dominant title run for Michael Schumacher and were both records at the time, beating Emerson Fitipaldi out for youngest champion (Vettel has since broken both records).   In the seven seasons since, Nando has finished 3rd once and 2nd three times.  He would love nothing more than to finish Vettels dominant run and win his 3rd championship.

Although Nando has been involved with plenty of controversy, fellow drivers including Lewis Hamilton (2008 champion) have called him the best driver in the sport.   He’s the quintessential F1 personality with supreme talent, more supreme confidence, and he’s willing to do what it takes to win.

Kimi… The Ice Man Cometh Back

About 3500 km northeast of Oviedo, Kimi Raikkonen was born the son of a mechanic and secretary outside of Helsinki in Espoo, Finland.  By the time he was 28, Kimi had picked up the nickname “Ice Man”, was a Formula 1 champion for Ferrari, and the 5th highest paid athlete on the planet in a league with Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, and David Beckham.   He races snowmobiles and boats, is known for his playboy lifestyle, and married a former Miss Scandanavia.   Apparently he’s no longer with Miss Scandanavia, but like Fernando you can’t take the championship.

Can Kimi and Nando make a great team?

Kimi returns to Ferrari

Kimi has seen his share of controversy as well.  He parties too much, he brushes off fans and media, and tells his team to leave him alone during races.   He’s known for his icy approach to members of the press, often providing one word answers for an entire interview.   (By the way, his latest youtube video, answering fan questions in full sentences is a downright miracle.   Whoever talked him into doing that could sell saunas in Seville in August.)

In 2014 he returns to the Ferrari team he won the championship with in 2007.


So here they are on the same team.  Two supremely talented champions that will do anything to win.   Light the fuse and let’s see what the #kimando explosion produces.   I think these guys will get along better than most expect.   I won’t  go as far as to say Kimi will be getting a matching Samurai tattoo, but we will see a strong team relationship based on enormous mutual respect of two great champions.


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Nando has a Samurai warrior on his back