Seattle Seahawks: Michael Bennett can take a hike

The Seattle Seahawks have big decisions to make regarding the salary cap, and Michael Bennett may have just solidified his departure from the Super Bowl champs.

Bennett, who led the Hawks in sacks this past season, reportedly wants around $10 million a year and is unwilling to take a discount to stay in Seattle.

Seattle Seahawks

Michael Bennett

After an impressive season, it makes sense that he wants to cash in. But his wishes are unlikely to be granted by GM John Schneider, and other NFL teams for that matter.

This year’s crop of defensive linemen free agents is saturated with talent, and Schneider knows how to find talent for a steal. Bennett last season is a prime example. It’s therefore highly unlikely that Schneider will reward Bennett handsomely when he can find someone who can produce just as much for less.

And it’s not like Bennett’s success is all on him. Seattle’s Legion of Boom shut down opposing quarterbacks’ options, thus forcing them to stay in the pocket. That extra time made it easier for the big boys on the line, and with other guys like Cliff Avril, Clint McDonald, and Chris Clemons around him, Bennett simply couldn’t be double teamed. Oh, and then there’s the noise at CenturyLink Field that disrupts offensive communication at the line. So, sorry Michael, but your ability alone didn’t result in your fantastic year. It had something to do with it, certainly, but not all of it is on you.

Now, the question is who Seattle can acquire to replace him. There’s some buzz surrounding free agent Everson Griffen, who played for Pete Carroll in college. Griffen could easily be the next Bennett, and his contract would definitely be cheaper. Whoever it is, it’s safe to say that defensive linemen who are currently free agents will want to come to Seattle. What lineman wouldn’t want to play for the league’s best defense?

Bennett’s decision to not take a pay cut disappointed me to say the least. You would think that a guy who’s had to play the majority of his career in awful Tampa Bay would be eager to stay on a championship team, surrounded by adoring fans and equally talented teammates who make his job easier.

Sounds like a sweet deal to me. But I guess more money trumps getting another Super Bowl ring for Bennett, because believe me, Seattle will soon be back in the Super Bowl.

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John Schneider can find someone cheaper who can produce just as much as Bennett did in this year’s free agent pool. The Seattle Seahawks will not be sorely missing Bennett; he’s not integral to the Seahawks’ success next season. So, 12th Man, thank Bennett for his service and eagerly await the next free agent. Let him swallow up cap space somewhere else.

  • Bill Dashiell

    I’ve been an avid Seahawks fan since their first preseason snap in 1976, so my loyalties are well established. However, it is ridiculous to attack Michael Bennett for making the statements he has made. His contract has expired and he is a free agent. I would love to see him stay with the Seahawks, but that he should take less money to stay in Seattle is only self serving on any fans part. Remember the Houston game in which he lay motionless on the field and had to be taken away by ambulance. The immediate concern was that he would ever walk again. And yet he came back and was an integral part of the Seahawks world championship. The career of an NFL player is very short. Please don’t begrudge him the opportunity to bankroll a little extra money for himself and his family. He signed a contract to do a job, he did it well. I would love to see him come back to Seattle, but if not, Thank you Michael Bennett for a job well done and best of luck in the future.

  • Nicole Petrino-Salter

    Agreed. Would he have had the success he had without this scheme, without Cliff Avril, etc.? Now that the Seahawks have given him this platform, he acts as though it’s all about him. Sorry, Michael. Your teammates have everything to do with your success. Otherwise you would’ve gotten the Bucs to the Super Bowl. Right?

  • Gtran1

    As of 8/31/2013, the ranked the Seahawks as the 4th youngest team with the average of 25.31. So I would say the Seahawks will be very competitive in next five years if they have the same players or they have very solid “Next Man Up” system. If the future draft could not fulfill the “Next Man Up” system year after year and the Salary Cap hindrance, the 12th man can expect what happens in the post season. Go Hawks!

  • me

    see you Bennett go were greed takes you, leaving Seattle will only show your weakness you were a nice blend for our defense you were just a piece of the puzzle

  • Thomas Huynh

    You’re the first person to put it so eloquently Ken. Great point about Tampa Bay. Money is good to a point and after that what’s the point.

    • mark

      Its called ego… Its been around for a while and it usually gets too big too fast