Washington Wizards tear up all-star weekend

j dubs

The Washington Wizards had arguably their two most exciting players participate in all-star weekend. Bradley Beal and John Wall, the two most important Wizards players going forward participated in the 3 point contest and the dunk contest respectively. In spite of the specific outcomes of their events it was rather important that the Wizards had at least some representation in the festivities. With the Wizards growing as a franchise, they need to get more publicity and entice free agents to come to Washington.

Bradley Beal entered in to his first three point competition in a brand new east versus west format. Beal netted a first round high of 21 advancing him in to the second and final round of competition against Beno Udrih of the New York Knicks. Beal put up a great fight and still put up 19 in the final round but Udrih went off and put in 24 to take the title. In spite of not coming out victorious Beal put together a solid performance and hopefully he will use this as momentum toward the second half.

John Wall won the 2014 slam dunk contest in a never before seen format pitting the east against the West. The East with the clearly more dominant squad of Wall, Paul George and Terrence Ross took the win easily. Individually however, John Wall took the title with a backwards between the legs dunk that sent the crowd in a frenzy. Wall’s performance and showmanship had to make any Wizards fan proud.

Wall also was selected to participate in the all-star game and put together a solid performance of 12 points 4 assists and 5 rebounds. Wall’s speed and athleticism translate well to a game with such a frenetic pace. Hopefully both Wizards use their success at all-star weekend moving forward.

  • jarem

    dude, beno udrih? did you watch the game at all? marco belinelli from spurs…