Another tough week for Duke Blue Devils

The Duke Blue Devils have three games this coming week since the game against North Carolina was postponed last week.  They have two road games against Georgia Tech and North Carolina.  They do have one home game, but that is only against the number one team in the country, and an undefeated team.  This is going to be another challenging week.  It will test them mental and physically.

The game against North Carolina being postponed didn’t help them out at all this week.  It doesn’t give them enough time to prepare against either North Carolina or Syracuse.  It will be a difficult week to win all three games, but this will challenge them and hopefully get ready for the NCAA tournament. Quinn Cook

The first game of the week against Georgia Tech should be the easiest game for the Blue Devils.  Going on the road is never an easy thing in the ACC, but  Georgia Tech is at the bottom of the standings this season, so it should be a game that Duke can win with some measure of ease.  They will have plenty of time to prepare for Georgia Tech, and should play a great game.

North Carolina is the second game this week that’s full of tough games.  North Carolina won’t be an easy win.  They are playing well, and will want to take a game from Duke this season.  They got off to a rough start, but made up with it against some of the top teams.  For The longest time, it looked like North Carolina could miss the tournament, but with this strong finish they should be able to get in.  This game being at North Carolina will be hard for Duke, and will be a close game at the end, but Duke is the better team and should sneak out with the win.

The last game of the week is against Syracuse.  This is an undefeated team at the top of the ACC.  They have been playing great all season long, with only some close games against bad teams.  They played Duke at Syracuse early in the month, and Duke almost got the upset, but came up just short.  It was a game that showed everyone that Duke was playing at a higher level, and has gotten better since the beginning of the season.

The Blue Devils players are playing better, and playing better together.  They are more in sync than they have been all season, and they are doing it at the right time.  This will be another week that will test the Blue Devils to see if they are ready for the tournament.  They will need to play even better this week if they plan on going 3-0 on the week, but a more realistic is taking two out of the three games.  If they can have a good week it will position them well going forward,

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