Barcelona F.C. back at the top: The return of Messi and Neymar

After an obvious slump in the last two games of the season and in the cup, Barcelona F.C. is now back at the top of the league.

The first place is shared by the three best teams of the league, Barcelona F.C., Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid, and it all points out to be one of the greatest fights for the title that La Liga has ever seen.

Barcelona F.C.


Lionel Messi is fully recovered from his injury and there is nothing holding him back now, Neymar is starting to slowly come back from his injury and he has already shown his touch of class with an amazing goal against Rayo Vallecano on Sunday. The two superstars playing together at the maximum level is yet to be seen, but when the level of team rises when these two are in the field and it makes the fans hopeful that there are still greater things to come.

The team’s level has elevated but it is still far from it’s potential, in order to pursue the ultimate goal of winning the most prestigious European competition they need to work on their weaknesses on defense and on the midfield.

Let’s not forget that the Dani Alves and Jordi Alba are attacking players that participate with the offense, exposing the defense big time. In order to have a complete defense with this two backs, there needs to be a pair of fast and aggressive central defenders that are going to act as sweepers closing both sides of the field while rotating and covering each other.

Another option for Barcelona is to remaster their quick passing game that used to be mind blowing. This team needed a boost of energy and they got it when Messi got in form 100 percent and with the return of the young Neymar.

How does the return of Neymar impact the team?

Barcelona F.C.


A player of such caliber can be very influential to the way the whole team plays, which is something that Barcelona had missed for a while now. Neymar is young, athletic, talented, and he is a role model to follow. The moment he entered the game, coming back from the injury, he lit up the field and he started spreading and frustrating defenders even more. Neymar has fun playing soccer, and we see it in and out of the pitch, he is bringing the league a whole new style of play, and he is only 22 years of age.

Does Barcelona have enough to go all the way to win the Champions League?

Will Messi and Neymar finally complete the dream of all Barcelona F.C. fans and play beautifully together?