Los Angeles Clippers trade deadline report

It’s rather vexing that the Los Angeles Clippers have not come up in any trade talks. It’s even more vexing that they aren’t trying to acquire a two way wing player and shop the almost worthless Jared Dudley (worthless by the Clippers standards). The Clips have what it takes to go deep in the playoffs, but does the front office really think this roster can carry them to the finals? This should be troubling to Clippers fans knowing that the pieces to make such a run are available in the trade market.

Jared Dudley’s short stint with the Clippers has defined mediocrity when it comes to production from the small forward position, averaging 7.7 points per game and shooting a pedestrian 44% from the field. He shoots under 7 shots a game, and on defense does absolutely nothing noteworthy. Why keep an average offensive player with one of the most efficient offenses in the league, and his lack of defensive skill lowers his value even more for the Clippers.

Luol Deng’s name has suddenly re-surfaced in trade talks and would be a perfect fit for the Clippers at the small forward as he is someone whose expertise is on the defensive end, but also can contribute offensively as well. The Clippers could see what the market is like for Deng, and if Cleveland is up against the deadline searching for a first rounder the Clippers could send them their first round pick for the upcoming draft along with Dudley in exchange for Deng.

The Clippers won’t do that, and it’s probably safe to assume that their silence is coordinated by owner/basically GM/ stingy business man that is Donald Sterling. Would hate to go into the luxury tax for the sake of winning a title right Donald? I digress, but make no mistake, the Clippers defensive flaws will be uncovered come playoff time. The combo of Matt Barnes and Jared Dudley will make opposing wing players smile because they know they will have the chance to have huge offensive games.

The best player available right now to the Clippers will be a surprise, but he’s right in their own backyard. Jordan Hill from the Lakers brings fantastic energy on the defensive end, and boy could the Clips second unit use a boost on that end of the floor. Dudley for Hill straight up would give LAC exactly what they need in a defensive minded big man off the bench. Also, this would assist the Lakers considerably in tanking. As it stands now, the Lakers will have four first white round picks next season, and the acquisition of Dudley could assist their lottery odds as their own pick is the only lottery pick which they possess.

The Clippers were hot heading into the all star break. That being said, there is always room for improvement, especially personal wise considering how weak this team is at some spots. At some point, the Clippers need to realize that this group of guys, while  talented, is just not good enough to take home the hardware, meaning they need to throw their hat in the ring.

  • camden
  • camden

    Barnes is a great defender! oh well… you can’t expect a 16 year old to know everything

    • http://collegesportspin.blogspot.com Josh Neighbors

      I’m offended by that, I am not sure if you watch the games, but Barnes is by no means a great defender. Can you explain why Jared Dudley started for close to half the season, because it was not for his offensive production. Barnes is a much better offensive player and I think you are getting heart and hustle confused with defense

  • tuvozmellama .

    Rather have Deng. Not only is he better rounded but he’s not an ex-laker. Please, no ex-lakers to The Clips! I can barely stomach the memory of Barnes wearing that uniform.