VCU Basketball: Sloppy shooting may be VCU’s downfall

After watching VCU lose to SLU, fans may be starting to worry that sloppy shooting may be VCU’s downfall. The Rams have been shooting more inconsistent than they have in many seasons. One game they’re shooting precise and on-point and the next it almost looks like a different team. Of course this has a lot to do with opponents defensive games. With that aside, it’s still hard to watch multiple un-sunk bucket attempts in a row.

VCU’s top shooter against Saint Louis was Treveon Graham with 16 points. Only two other players shot in the double digits, Reddic with 13 and Weber with 12. As seen here VCU’s veterans were certainly carrying the team when it came to shooting. One of the Rams best qualities is their versatility and number of players who can come off the bench and perform well. Against SLU these players weren’t having their best games, and it showed on the scoreboard.


Senior, Rob Loe scored 14 points against VCU last Saturday

Senior, Rob Loe scored 14 points against VCU last Saturday

VCU appears to be great at runs wither it be successful runs or horrible ones. During the second half against SLU the Rams had a huge 7-0 run with 7:00 left, trailing by only 5 at that point. Unfortunately, this run didn’t do much for VCU’s shooting confidence because they immediately returned with a missed 3-point jump shot and two missed layups. Grabbing two offensive rebounds was huge at this point in the game; it was hard to watch nothing come from them.

25-65 is the number that haunts VCU after this game. The Rams shot 38.5% of their field goals. Even worse, they also shot a mere 12.5% of their 3-point shots. With numbers like these winning multiple games in the tournament would be extremely difficult.

VCU'S Box Score against SLU (click for larger view). Full Box Score can be found at

VCU’S Box Score against SLU. Full Box Score can be found at

On the other hand, VCU snatched an impressive 36 rebounds. Defense was on point against Saint Louis as 24 of these rebounds were defensive. With these numbers it’s obvious what area VCU still needs to work on. Offense.

Monday showed to be exciting for both teams though as Saint Louis moved up to No. 10 on the AP Top-25 rankings. Additionally, VCU is finally receiving votes which place them right under the top-25 and give better hope to those waiting for a national ranking.

VCU plays away at Massachusetts this Friday at 7:00PM. The game will be broadcast on ESPN2.

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