Columbus Blue Jackets players’ Olympic performance


I must admit, it is kind of hard to be upset that the Men’s Russian team has been eliminated. Even if four of our beloved Columbus Blue Jackets players were on the team, when it comes to the Olympics it’s all about USA Hockey. That being said, my heart is with the Blue Jackets players that are now forced to watch the medal determining matches right after their chances were taken from them.

As we continue to watch the American team play, it is important to recognize the effort put fourth by Sergei Bobrovsky, Nikita Nikitin, Fedor Tyutin, and Artem Ansimov. As the nation watched the game between the USA and Russia the tension throughout the entire game was apparent and both teams made an impressive showing. So impressive in fact that the score was just 2-2 at the end of regulation play. During regulation time, Bobrovsky made some great plays, especially his amazing stop on a goal attempt by Patrick Kane in the last thirty seconds of the third period. The game was sent into shootouts where both teams continued to play compatibly. But the result, as we all know was a hard-fought American win. While it was hard to watch our beloved Bobrovsky miss, he played an outstanding game that should make any true Blue Jackets fan proud.

Drama seemed to continue the team. While Bobrovsky was criticized by some from losing the game for the Russians, a goal made by Tyutin during the game was discredited because of the net being off of its moorings before the goal was made. Had that goal been counted, Russia would have been ahead 3-2 at the end of regulation time and therefore would have won. The goal being discredited had nothing to do with the performance given by Tyutin, the team was still left in disarray.

In regards to both Nikitin and Anisimov more could have been asked of their performance. While a lot of aggression was expected out of Anisimov, he only had five shots on goal in all three fames that he played in. A lot was also expected out of Nikitin who played well in the first game but seemed to fall back when he presence was needed in later games. The goal in allowed in the game against Finland helped lead to the team’s 3-1 loss.

Overall, while they could have played better, it was not mistakes of Columbus Blue Jackets players that led to Russia being knocked out. Now, with all four of our Columbus players out, we can finally watch the USA team is peace and calmly wait for our boys to come back home and play for us again.

Any predictions on how the rest of the games are going to end up?

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