Milwaukee Bucks start hot after all-star break

The Milwaukee Bucks start hot after the all-star break with a win over the Orlando Magic. I’m taking this victory because there haven’t been that many this season as the Bucks head towards a high lottery pick.

The Milwaukee Bucks season has been filled with distractions, inconsistent rotations and many, many losses. It seems that the franchise is in disarray and lacks direction. The players on the team have been frustrated to the point where some have asked to be traded from the team. This season has been a disappointment and the Bucks need to make changes on a roster that clearly isn’t working.

One of the biggest disappointments on this team has been Larry Sanders. After he signed a four-year $44 million contract, he was expected to be the defensive backbone and take care of the boards. He has been inconsistent and not played up to his contract or his past playing level. Hopefully once he recovers from a face fracture, he can turn into the center that the Bucks sorely need.

There have been some bright spots in a season that has been filled with misery. One of the few bright spots on this roster is Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Greek Freak has given Bucks’ fans hope with his enthusiasm.  The Greek Freak has been giving Bucks’ fans a reason to watch in what is a dreadful season.

Nate Wolters and Brandon Knight have been stepping up for this team by contributing big minutes and big plays. Wolters hit a huge three-pointer to put the game away for the Bucks tonight as they try to get past a miserable January. The Bucks’ two wins in February double the team’s number of wins from last month, where they only managed to win one game.

The Bucks have started playing their younger players more lately as they try to get experience in a lost season. This shift in minutes for the players has made the team’s veterans more expendable as the trade deadline is only two days away. There are a few teams around the league that are looking to add final pieces to their bench.

One player who has a chance to get traded is Gary Neal. There have been rumors of him wanting out of Milwaukee since January. I can’t blame the guy as this team has been awful this year. I think that the Bucks could get a decent contract to come back and give the Bucks flexibility in the future.

milwaukee bucks

“Basketball Never Stops,” but Gary Neal’s Bucks career is about to.

Another Bucks’ player who could be on the move is Ersan Ilyasova. The longest tenured member of the team has been rumored to want out of Milwaukee because of frustration with the team’s revolving door policy on players. With how much player turnover there has been since Ilyasova has started, he seems to be a player who could help out a contender. I think that Ilyasova might need a change of scenery after being in Milwaukee for so long and could help out a new club.

There could be some changes for this club in the next couple of days. Who do you think the Bucks should trade?