New Orleans Pelicans: A big three in the near future?

Ryan Anderson, Carmelo Anthony, Eric GordonEveryone wants to have the opportunity to witness a “big three” on his or her favorite basketball team. The city of New Orleans has now hosted two NBA All-Star weekends in the last seven years and they have the best young big man in Anthony Davis. With that being said, it’s the New Orleans Pelicans time to acquire a big three.

The Miami Heat’s big three have won two NBA Championships in a row. LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh are the ultimate big three in  the NBA at the moment. Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks tried to start a big three with Amar’e Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler, but that equation was never bound for success. A championship was won when the Boston Celtics had a big three in Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Down south the San Antonio Spurs big three have won multiple championships in the past, but have now grown ancient.

Three great players make up a big three, but that’s not the only way to define a big three. First off, a big three has to have chemistry. If the three players can’t play in sync, the team won’t find results. Miami fell short of the championship the first year James, Wade and Bosh came together due to lack of chemistry. Miami’s big three has the experience now and is firing on all cylinders. Secondly, results are what decide if three players are a big three.

Once a team acquires three great players, the final outcome has to be championships. If three great players and a team don’t achieve championship status than the team doesn’t have a big three.

The Pelicans need to bring back the winning style to the city of New Orleans. The last time the fans were able to celebrate was six seasons ago when the Pelicans (Hornets) finished first in the Southwest division.

Anthony Davis is playing his hardest to try and bring the winning ways back to New Orleans. He leads the NBA in blocks per game with 3.07. He has great handles for his size and the ability to finish at the rim with authority.

The trade deadline is on Thursday and the Pelicans have been in some trade talks, but haven’t made any deals yet.

If the Pelicans strike a few deals before the deadline, the team could be on a path for having a big three in the future. All they have to do is trade the big contracts away. Eric Gordon is walking on sunshine with his deal with the Pelicans. This season he is making $14.3 million with two years and $30.4 million left on the table. Gordon doesn’t seem to be all in with the Pelicans, considering he is under performing this year.

Gordon is averaging 15.8 PPG and teammate Tyreke Evans has performed less than average this year as well. Evans is averaging 12.6 PPG and is making about $11.8 million this season and $32.2 million over the next three years in a Pelican uniform. The Pelicans are headed down the wrong way on a one-way. They owe an enormous amount of cash to two players who have been almost worthless this season.

Now this is how the big three option could work for New Orleans. The team needs to deal Gordon and Evans by Thursday’s trade deadline. The Pelicans aren’t going to get much in return for either of those two players, because of their injury history. As long as the Pelicans can clear up some cap space they will be in good position heading into the offseason.

Davis is the perfect player to build around, because he is young. Carmelo Anthony is going to be a free agent after this season. Do you see where I’m going with this? Anthony wants an NBA Championship… now! If he comes to New Orleans he will have a healthy point guard for next season, in Jrue Holiday. Holiday is great point guard, with amazing court vision and has the ability to break down defenders to get to the rim. Anthony will have a great three point shooter in Ryan Anderson, who has two years left on his contract with the Pelicans. Anthony will also have the chance to play with the league’s leader in blocked shots.

If the Pelicans can clear enough cap space for Melo’ to take his talents to New Orleans, King Smoothie Center could be a future home for a big three.

Carmelo wants to win an NBA Championship, he doesn’t have a point guard in New York and his big men aren’t playing defense. Look at the Pelicans roster Carmelo! Holiday running the point, Davis playing outstanding defense, and Anderson sinking three pointers. What’s better than that?

Just don’t count out this scenario, because the trade deadline hasn’t past and the offseason isn’t here yet.