New Orleans Saints: Offseason adventures

In my previous articles, I have discussed what the New Orleans Saints have been up to football-wise during the offseason. It’s been pretty stressful for the Saints Organization as far as finding room in the budget for all of their best players. But while the offseason can be stressful for the brass (and some players), this is a time when players have no restriction to how they spend their time. This can tell a lot about what kind of people make up the New Orleans Saints roster, without the uniform. I did a little research and found out just what these guys have been up to.

Curtis Lofton enjoys his off season in France.

Curtis Lofton enjoys his offseason in France.

Linebacker Curtis Lofton has been getting cultured in Europe. While across the pond, Lofton has been enjoying sparkling wine while enjoying places like the Coliseum. After traveling to Florence, Italy by train and taking pictures in front of Leaning Tower of Pisa he enjoyed a romantic gondola ride.

Next stop – Rome! He included pictures of the Sistine Chapel and Vatican along with the historic Greek statues, which was one of his favorite features. In France, Curtis said he had an 8-hour driving tour around Paris and would later be eating atop the Eiffel Tower with his girlfriend. What an experience!

Safety Malcolm Jenkins has been mixing business with pleasure. He’s traveled to various cities and bridal shows with his fashion line, Rock Avenue, which specializes in bow ties and pocket squares. He has also visited a children’s hospital. His favorite thing has been spending time with his daughter and visiting family in New York City.

He is still finding time to work on his game, which shows true dedication. I learned how well rounded of a person Malcolm is. Very successful with good values and very busy!

Tight end Jimmy Graham gets the award for the most adventurous Saint. I guess he caught the Hawaii bug while at the Pro Bowl, because he’s been taking advantage of all of the activities in the surf and sand. From paddle boarding one morning (because he was bored being inside) to being risky and diving with sharks, Graham has been having quite a time. Maybe this fearlessness came from earlier this offseason when he got 4 wisdom teeth pulled. Jimmy also took time to visit another Jimmy- Jimmy Fallon on his night time talk show.

Wide receiver Lance Moore has been focused on family. A true mama’s boy, he spent some quality time with her in Tampa, Florida and talked a lot about how special she is to him. He didn’t wait too long to get back to work, and started training as soon as he got back to New Orleans.

The Kennys’ (Stills and Vaccaro) Instagram accounts are quiet interesting. From the club scene to private parties, these two are taking advantage of being young by enjoying the entertainment crowd and having an extravagant social life. They love interacting with their fans in person and on Twitter. Vaccaro has posted some pictures modeling clothes for one of his friend’s fashion lines. What I can’t wait to see are pictures of him in the weight room or on the field recovering from his surgery!

Quarterback Drew Brees has been in high demand, as always. Making his rounds on various talk shows, he’s helped Katie Couric give away $500,000 to charity, and surprised New Orleans Saints fan Hota Kotb on her show during the Super Bowl. Drew also took advantage of his time in New York City to help promote different products and help with Super Bowl giveaways. He also spent some time speaking with the military. But, his most exciting news yet is that his wife, Brittnay Brees, is pregnant with their fourth child. They are both hoping it is a girl seeing that they already have three boys.

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We all remember punter Thomas Morestead’s mullet back in the summer that he grew and then cut right before the season for his favorite charity, St. Baldricks. This offseason he hasn’t stopped promoting cancer research for children by encouraging his fans to join his team and donate. He’s now back in the Big Easy preparing for Mardi Gras. This year he will ride in the Krewe of Cesar parade. Throw me something, Thomas!

Darren Sproles and Mark Ingram are more alike than we may have thought. Both have been tweeting about how excited they were about the new season of Swamp People. They shared a picture of the two of them with one of the show’s most popular characters, Troy Landry. Could Louisiana be rubbing off on these boys from up North?

Sproles also was excited when he ran into Ingram while home in Kansas City. Mark Ingram spent some of his time playing “Financial Football” teaming up with Regions and Visa to encourage literacy at an Alabama high school.

As expected, New Orleans favorite defensive coordinator, Rob Ryan, will be Grand Marshall of the Mardi Gras parade, Argus. I am sure you will be able to find him at his favorite bar, Ms. Mae’s, all Mardi Gras weekend.  I can only imagine the things he has been up to this offseason. Personally, I would love to see him open his own bar in New Orleans where he can meet locals for drinks after every home win. Les Bons Temps Rouler, Rob!

What will the rest of the offseason entail for the Saints? It looks like they’ve done just about everything. Maybe next is landing on the moon, training dolphins or learning how to walk a tight rope. This off time is a great time for the players to relax and get their minds ready for next season and now we know how each player does that.  One thing is for sure – this is one cultured, giving and fun team! Who Dat!

  • Terri Guthrie

    Great article Charlotte – not your usual “sports” write-up. Love reading and learning more about these men we like to cheer for. Good job!

    • Charlotte McLoughlin

      Thank you so much, Terri! Glad you enjoyed it – thanks for the comment!