Oklahoma Football: Three Sooners violate pasta rules

sooners eating

During a graduation banquet last May, three Sooners were called out by there own team, no less, for eating excess pasta.

Although the players weren’t identified, a couple of offensive lineman cared to share on Twitter.

Gabe Ikard and Austin Woods both tweeted that they would gladly confess to eating too much pasta at the all-you-can-eat banquet.

Oklahoma issued a statement, saying that the three players would only be reinstated if they donated $3.83 each to a charity of their choice.


Both Woods and Ikard claimed to donate $5 to their charity, and were happy to.

Of course by now, you may be wondering what NCAA rule am I talking about.

Sadly, there isn’t a rule for overeating, but this story focuses more on Oklahoma turning their own players in. Obviously, the Sooners had some rules in line during the banquet that the players broke, like going for seconds or maybe in this case, thirds.

The NCAA even came out to say that even though it liked the commitment from OU, there is no actual rule that regards to portion size while eating at banquets. So yes, there was no real violation of NCAA rules here.

But it is funny to think about.