A Classic rivalry: Duke Blue Devils against North Carolina Tar Heels

The Duke Blue Devils are squaring off against the North Carolina Tar Heels this Thursday February 20th.  North Carolina wants badly to win this game to turn around a disappointing season.  Struggles with their offseason have translated to struggles during the season.  They are looking for more quality wins to add to their victories over Louisville, Michigan State, and Kentucky. At this point, the Tar Heels are still fighting to make the NCAA tournament.  They only have Duke left on their schedule to help with their tournament resume.

This is their best opportunity to accomplish that goal.  Duke is playing very well lately and defeating them would be a win over a top team.  The Blue Devils are looking to finish strong and possibly get a number two seed in the tournament, and this game could help North Carolina get in to the tournament.  If Carolina continues this Jekyll and Hyde personality they might be on the outside looking in when March Madness begins.  Even with this game being at home, it won’t be easy for North Carolina because of the rivalry, and how much Duke has improved.Andre Dawkins

Duke will want both of these games against North Carolina.  With the tournament right around the corner, they will look to impress the tournament selection any way possible.  Duke has been improving this season, and it would be great for them to take both the games against North Carolina.  They match up well against North Carolina, which isn’t the case for every team this season.

North Carolina has a smaller team this season on the court.  Their best big is only 6-foot-9 in James Michael McAdoo.  This will be someone that Jabari Parker should be able to play.  The biggest player on North Carolina is 6-foot-10 and that is very welcomed for the Blue Devils.  They will be very excited to play a smaller team this season, and will look forward to playing North Carolina this coming week.

This is a rivalry though that you can never tell what is going to happen.  There have been seasons where Duke looked like they were the top team only to get upset by North Carolina and vice versa.  This is one of the reasons this is the greatest rivalries in all of sports.  They both will come out ready to play, and if Duke takes North Carolina lightly they will lose.

Duke is the better of the two teams, and should come out with the win at home, but this week the game is at North Carolina.  This will be a dangerous place to play because all of the students will be ready to play Duke.  This is a game that every student will want especially after the mediocre season for them.  Duke will have to come out ready to play, but this should be a win for the Blue Devils because they are the better team.  They won’t take North Carolina lightly, and will play one of their best games this season.