Boston Celtics stand pat at trade dealine

The NBA trade deadline passed on Wednesday, February 20th at 3pm Eastern Standard Time. The Boston Celtics stood pat at the trade deadline and did not make any trades. However, just because they did not do anything does not mean they can’t do any transactions later in the season. This also doesn’t necessarily mean that Boston wasn’t active at the deadline.

Many trade rumors were reported including a trade in which the Houston Rockets would send center Omir Asik, forward Chandler Parsons, and point guard Jeremy Lin to Boston in exchange for Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green. This trade was never going to be serious because not only are the Celtics asking for a lot in exchange of Rondo, but the Rockets had no intention of trading Chandler Parsons at any point.

In a rebuilding atmosphere, player will have their names thrown around all the time in trade talks. They just have to do their best to keep that out of their head and play the game of basketball as best as they can.

The Celtics right now are just going to stay consistent with the players they have currently and just play. Hopefully, for the sake of the franchise, they don’t play particularly well, as bad as that may sound. Losing games is what would be the best intention of the Boston Celtics at this point. Next year’s draft class is deep, but players like Jabari Parker, Joel Embiid and Andrew Wiggins are too valuable to not try and obtain. The Celtics still have the ability to perform certain transactions this season and with the new CBA, it will be easier to make transactions in the offseason as well.

Celtics fans should definitely place high stock in Danny Ainge. The current general manager of the Boston Celtics is doing everything and anything he can to make this team better as quickly as possible, but he is not going to pull the trigger on the first trade proposal that may come up from another team. He is great and thinking out trades to the extent and being cautious. He also knows exactly what he wants and how much he would need to give up for that. Ainge is not keen on trading Rondo; that is why he is asking a lot of assets for teams who are interested in him. Celtics fans need to keep their heads up because the franchise will be back to its prideful self before too long.