Dallas Mavericks: Mavs stay put at trade deadline

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The Dallas Mavericks were possibly one trade away from becoming a legitimate contender in the West, but chose to stay put during the 2:00 p.m. ET deadline on Feb. 20.

Some recent names in the past few weeks that have been linked to the Mavs have been Luol Deng of the Cavs, Evan Turner of the Sixers, and even Kevin Love of the Timberwolves.

Dallas didn’t do anything simply because the Mavs don’t have the trade assets that other teams are looking for.

Due to salary, any trade the Mavs would’ve made would have to include 35-year-old Shawn Marion, who’s owed nearly $10 million this season.

Deng and Turner would’ve been upgrades if the Mavs landed them. Deng is offensively better than Marion, and is just as good on the defensive end, if not better.

Dallas Mavericks

Turner is coming into his own and would be that third scorer the Mavericks could use consistently.

Turner ended up being traded at the end of the day to the Indiana Pacers for Danny Granger.

Deng, showing signs of unhappiness, stayed in Cleveland.

The Lakers also showed signs of trading for Love, but neither LA or the Mavs could afford the all-star forward.

Dallas sits in the 8th spot in the West at 32-23, but only one game back of 6th-seeded Phoenix.

There is no reason that the Mavs shouldn’t go 4-0 in their next four, including tomorrow’s contest in Philly against the Sixers. With no Turner and Spencer Hawes, who was traded to the Cavs, Philly loses over 30 points and 14.5 rebounds per game.

After the Sixers game, the Mavs play again on Feb. 22 in Detroit. The Pistons and Sixers have a combine record of 37-72.

The Mavs are 2-0 against the two this season. They defeated Philly on Nov. 19, 97-94 and 116-106 on Jan. 26 over Detroit. Both games were at home.