Philadelphia 76ers: Big sellers at trade deadline

The Philadelphia 76ers went into Thursday afternoon very open to any offers that were put on the table.  Heading in to the day, the Sixers were perhaps the only team willing to part ways with the majority of the players on their roster.

A few days prior to the deadline, it appeared that the Sixers were far away from being able to pull off any big trades.  However, negotiations really picked up as the trade deadline approached.

The first of the Sixers to go was big man Spencer Hawes.  Hawes was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Earl Clark, Henry Sims, and two 2014 second round picks. 

It comes to no surprise that Hawes was traded as his name has been on the block for most of the season.  Hawes will be a free agent at the end of the season and did not appear as if he would be a part of the Sixers future plans.

As for this trade, it appears to be beneficial for both parties.  The Cavaliers are in contention for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference and the addition of Hawes will certainly help them.

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For the Sixers, they were able to obtain two second round picks for this upcoming draft.  The team waived Earl Clark last night and Henry Sims most likely will not play much with them.

The trade helped the Sixers as they were able to dump more salary which put them well below the league’s salary cap.  This then allowed them to make more trades later on in the day.

Probably the biggest trade in the entire league came just before the 3:00 p.m. deadline, when the Sixers and Indiana Pacers locked in a deal right as time expired.

The Sixers sent the Pacers former number two overall pick Evan Turner along with Lavoy Allen.  In return, they picked up Danny Granger and another second round pick.

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They were able to take on Granger’s expiring contract which then allowed them to move Turner.  Granger was a former all-star, but injuries have sent his career in a different direction.

He will finish out the season with the Sixers but will be a free agent this summer.  This pick may have excited some Sixer fans for now, but it does not appear he will be a part of the team in years to come.

As for Turner, it comes as a bit of a surprise that he was dealt to the Pacers.  Indiana seemed to not have interest in Turner, but once the Sixers’ asking price dropped, they stepped right in.

Indiana is in clear contention to win the East and make a run at the NBA Finals.  They are a team that thrives on chemistry, which is why trading long time veteran Danny Granger was a bit surprising.

Granger has not been close to the same player he was years ago as he was playing in the shadow of Paul George.  However, he would have been a solid choice off the bench in their run for the playoffs.

Turner may very well thrive in his new role with Indiana as he will now be playing meaningful basketball.  He will come off the bench, but will indeed be a key sixth man throughout the remainder of the season.

The Sixers were also able to make a few other minor acquisitions during the day.  They acquired Eric Maynor from the Washington Wizards, as well as Byron Mullens from the Los Angeles Clippers. 

Maynor is a decent guard out of Virginia Commonwealth, but has struggled to find playing time in recent years.  Mullens on the other hand, will probably play good minutes for the Sixers now that Spencer Hawes is gone.

At the end of the day, the Sixers were able to trade for several picks coming up in this summer’s draft.  As of right now, the Sixers currently have seven different picks for this upcoming draft.

Over the next few years, they will be loaded with draft picks.  They will not use them all as they still owe the Boston Celtics a couple of picks from the Arnett Moultrie deal.

To say that the Sixers were sellers in this trade would be an understatement.  However, when it was all said and done, the day has to be viewed an overall success for the team.

They were able to move players who were not going to re-sign with the team in exchange for picks that will help their future plans.  They also took on three different expiring contracts which will give them more spending ability in the off-season.

It is clear as to what direction the Sixers franchise is heading in.  They are trying to save cap space and build their team through the  draft.

By acquiring all of these picks, the team is definitely heading in the right direction with what they are trying to accomplish.  If they are able to use these picks wisely, Sixers fans should be excited a few years down the line.

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