Toronto Raptors aquire De Colo

toronto_raptorsWith the exception of the Evan Turner-Danny Granger exchange, yet another NBA trade deadline came-and-went with a slew of uneventful deals. An abundance of swaps like the one San Antonio and Toronto pulled off. Combo-guard Nando De Colo coming to the Raptors and slinky swingman Austin Daye going to the Spurs.

There’s about a million ways to humorously or sarcastically make this trade appear more glamorous than what it actually is – a safe gamble of two teams seeing potentially untapped resources in both De Colo and Daye. Unquestionably, Daye has the greater upside as his 6-foot-11 slender frame would imply. Combine that height with coordination and skill, and he’s drawn comparison to an obviously lesser Kevin Durant. Gregg Popovich’s track record suggests Daye is viewed as a reclamation project to the Spurs. Daye’s bounced around the league, this being his fourth team in five seasons, but if Daye’s career is to be resurrected San Antonio couldn’t be a better destination for him.

De Colo on the other hand played a role off the bench for the Spurs last season that has now been overtaken by both Cory Joseph and Patty Mills, no minutes remained for De Colo and thus rendered him the odd-man-out. But last season, De Colo played in 72 games for a team that made the NBA Finals. Not to mention, San Antonio runs one of the most poetic yet befuddling offenses in the game today that not just anybody can play within. It’s grasping at straws, but playing under Gregg Popovich does carry weight outside of general basketball skill.

It may be unfortunate for De Colo, and only time will tell, but once San Antonio moves on from a player the case is more used goods, rather than rotten goods. Basically, San Antonio probably thinks that they’ve gotten the most out of De Colo, not that he’s simply of no use any longer. Toronto picked up the 6-foot-5 De Colo to sure up their backup depth at guard in the event Greivis Vasquez goes down to injury, and it was at a reasonable price.

If I wanted to have some real fun, I’d call De Colo the French Savant whose purpose is in a politically driven motive by the Raptors to entice the greater Quebec demographic. But, I’ll spare you the jokes. De Colo is equitable insurance that the Raptors have the option to extend a qualifying offer to this summer at just under $2 million. I haven’t been able to uncover any other financial implications of this trade, so it can end up as either one of two ways – forgettable deadline deal or that somebody found a diamond in the rough.

  • kjhaley14

    Gimmie dem buckets De Colo! Once you start posting about the bulls, lemme know kid

    • Chris Terzic

      In time, my man. Much love for the support KJ. I got you.

  • Lahme

    another wait and see potential trade i guess. no clear winner

    • Chris Terzic

      There’s only so far you can look into it, agreed. Safe to say no real winner will even come of it, but hey, anything is possible.