Boston Celtics limping out of gate post All Star break

Rondo, Rajon2 (usable)

The Boston Celtics somewhat surprisingly stood pat with their roster, not making any trades or cutting anyone. I’m sure the Celtics brass was doing everything they could to muster up a deal, but there probably wasn’t any trade scenarios that enticed general manager Danny Ainge to pull the trigger. This doesn’t mean that something won’t happen this summer, as I’m sure Ainge would love to get ride of Jeff Green, and is trying to hold out for a team to make a monster offer for Rajon Rondo.

That scenario, in which the Celtics could get rid of an expensive mistake (Jeff Green), as well as, obtaining several draft picks and a couple decent players for Rajon Rondo, is what needs to happen for the Celtics to take the next step in their rebuilding phase. Obviously, this is in a perfect world, and who knows if this will ever happen, so in the meantime, the Celtics are moving ahead with a disjointed, uninspiring roster. The Celtics strongly believe they have the coach that will lead them to their next championship, in Brad Stevens, which if by judging from other NBA coaches remarks, doesn’t seem farfetched. That is great that they have their coach, now they just need to get him players to excel in the win column.

There is no doubt the Celtics will be getting a top draft pick this year, probably somewhere in the 4-8 range, which could either wield a promising players, or if the Celtics feel as though there aren’t any players truly worthy of that draft status, they could trade the pick for several picks later in the draft, and possibly more in the future. Right now, that is the most exciting prospect for Celtics fans, to try and figure out where they are likely to land in the lottery, and what players could possibly be there at that point.

In the two games since the All Star break, the Celtics are continuing their march towards the bottom of the league. The only teams below them that seem to be out of reach are the Philadelphia 76er’s, and Milwaukee Bucks, with several other clustered together with pretty much the same record. Their loss to the Phoenix Suns in the first game since after the break wasn’t that surprising considering the Suns are the clearly superior team, but it is disappointing to witness so many players struggling. Brandon Bass was the only player that was able to play well, although Rondo got close to a triple double, his shot was way off. While it is great that rookie Kelly Olynyk is receiving a decent amount of playing time, at some point it would be nice to see him play well.

In a depressing matchup of the two most historic franchises, the Lakers were able to make a furious comeback in a fourth quarter trouncing, that seemed to highlight the utter lack of talent on the floor for the Celtics (lesser so, with the Lakers). With the season winding down, Danny Ainge has to be rooting for more of the same so he can work his magic come June, and hopefully build towards a championship future.