Minnesota Football: Kill’s restructed contract is well-deserved

Minnesota Athletic Director, Norwood Teague, must be pleased with the job his football coach has been doing.

Extending head coach Jerry Kill’s contract an extra year was a gutsy move seeing as the football program has been in shambles over the past decade, but this move is going to pay off because Kill is turning things around.

Sure, it’s only a one-year extension, but for any football coach, having job security is a good thing, but knowing that the school’s AD believes in you is even better.

Kill led the Gophers to a surprising 8-5 season that ended with a loss to Syracuse in the Texas Bowl. This was supposed to be a down year for the program, instead, Minnesota was one of the feel good stories in the Big 10.

minnesota golden gophers

Jerry Kill (Photo by: Leon Halip/Getty Images)

Kill’s Gophers are hoping to improve even more next season and make a splash in Big 10 play.

This past season Kill proved that he can coach this Gophers team up when all odds are against him. Kill struggles with his health, but still manages to put a winning team on the field.

His players also love to be around him and he supports a positive yet hard nosed atmosphere.

This extension will allow Kill to coach up his 2014 recruiting class until they all graduate. Kill’s coaching philosophy is one of the best in the Big 10 and I truly believe that in four years the Gophers will reach the Rose Bowl.

Teague must be thinking the same thing because when he took the Job as AD, his biggest job was to make Gopher football relevant again. Things are looking up currently, but if Minnesota is not a contender in four years, it will be a black mark on his tenure.

Teague has faith and so do I. Kill is the a great fit in Minnesota and he deserved this contract extension. I’m excited for the future of the football program.