Minnesota Vikings should acquire Aqib Talib

Cornerback Aqib Talib will be a highly pursued free agent if the New England Patriots fail to reach an agreement with him by March 11.

The Minnesota Vikings should be chomping at the bit for the opportunity to possibly acquire Talib if he doesn’t resign with the Patriots and there are many reasons why.

Minnesota had the worst passing defense in the NFL last season giving up over 287 passing yards per game. This needs to be fixed if the Vikings are going to make the playoffs next season.

Minnesota Vikings

Aqib Talib

Talib would be a perfect fit in Minnesota because he’s an NFL veteran and would complement Xavier Rhodes nicely.

Imagine a Talib and Rhodes tandem in the backfield? It’d be pretty sweet. The Vikings would be set up at the cornerback position for a long time.

Sources say that New England wants Talib back, and are in the negotiation process, which could put a damper on the reality of seeing Talib in Purple, however, the Vikings could potentially send draft picks to New England to get him.

If Talib signs with the Patriots, the Vikings should consider dealing their second and third round picks to acquire him. It’d be a smart trade because the Vikings would fill their biggest need on defense and Talib is worth the early draft picks.

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On the flip side, New England would get a few more options in the draft to fill their vacancies.

Talib had 41 tackles and four interceptions for the Patriots last season. If he becomes a free agent, his value to other teams would be high, but Minnesota would be an ideal place to become a star and make the biggest impact.

Either way, via free agency or a trade, Minnesota should pursue Talib. Without a solid passing defense, the Vikings will have a hard time winning any games in a division that has three outstanding quarterbacks, Aaron Rodgers, Jay Cutler, and Matthew Stafford.

  • kukyons

    would only give up the 2nd 3rd for this guy.

  • Decease

    I would be tempted to agree since that idiot Rick Speilman doesn’t seem to know what to do with hardly any draft picks. But a 2nd and 3rd rounder is too high of a price to pay … unless they threw in Speilman as a 4th.

    • manbearpig01

      I have no clue what you are talking about in regards to Rick’s drafts. He has nailed several draft picks, probably a higher percentage than 80% of the teams. He’s also acquired 5 first round picks in his first 2 seasons as a GM and all of the players will be starters next year.

  • 3kolu

    Talib for a second and a third? I’m sorry, but that’s way ridiculous with all the cornerbacks in free agency and drafty elgible that would be a silly move. There’s Verner, Grimes, Shields, Jennings, Davis, Finnegan all possible UFA’s. Then the draft has approximately 15 potential starting CB’s Gilbert, Dennard, Verrett, Roberson, Roby, Joyner, Fuller, Purifoy, Jean-Baptiste, McGill, Desir, I mean, “Come on Man!”

    • Wes Bruner

      Totally agree. There is way too much talent in free agency and the draft to give up a 2nd and 3rd rounder for Talib. I wouldn’t be opposed to signing him in the off-season as a free agent, but his timing of injuries hasn’t been good. I think he’s been injured the past 2 years during the playoffs. If we can’t rely on him during the post-season, his signing could negatively affect our ultimate goal of a Super Bowl.

    • Andrew Koch

      Maybe a second and third is a bit too much. I’d say a third round pick is very reasonable seeing as Talib is injury prone.