New York Yankees: 2014 is Jeter’s last season

New York Yankees gear up to say goodbye to their team captain as Derek Jeter announces his plans to retire after the 2014 season.

Derek Jeter is a legend in major league baseball. This is a man who enjoys many awards and honors earned during his 19 seasons with the Yankees, has led the team to many victories as the their fearless captain, and provided the Bronx Bombers with nearly 20 seasons loaded with success. Jeter experienced many doubters and people who were voting against him since day one but he has fought his way to the top and has since shown fans and haters alike his extensive worth both on and off the field. The whole reason I bring up Derek Jeter and his role on the New York Yankees is to announce (if you have not already heard) his decision to retire after the 2014 season. This announcement popped up on my phone on my Sports Center app and broke my heart while I was sitting in my Media Criticism class. I almost cried in class (yes, IN CLASS!) because of the alert I received simply stating “Derek Jeter announces his plan to retire after 2014 season”.  The legend himself is leaving the Yankees and fans everywhere are tearing up just thinking about it. This will be an emotional season for the team and the league as one ofthe greatest plays for the last time.Jeter successful every season at bat

Jeter hails from Pequannock Township, New Jersey and was drafted by the Yankees straight out of high school in 1992. After 3 seasons in the minors he made his debut in 1995 in his first game as the Yankees baskup shortstop. After a successful first season Jeter became the starting shortstop and earned himself the “Rookie of the Year” award. He then went on to help the team become the 1996 World Series Champions. It was all uphill from there and with success came difficulty. Jeter has faced many struggles playing for the Yankees but he  always finds a way to move forward and find further success for himself and his team.

“Derek Jeter has always been above the fray. As someone who’s wallowed in it, ‘foot-in-mouthed’ it hundreds of times, said dumb things and backed up dumber ones, it’s refreshing. He’s shown up, played, and turned in a first-ballot Hall of Fame career in the hardest environment in sports to do any/all of the above.”

– Curt Schilling, September 14, 2009

Jeter has earned many awards and titles including a total of 5 World Series wins, 13 MLB All-Star awards, the Babe Ruth award, a World Series MVP and several more. The tally of on field success stories for Jeter is high, but so is his experience with injuries and let down. Despite the odds against him, including his age, Jeter earned his spot on the roster every season and continued to play to win in every game. Eventually he found himself representing the Yankees as the team captain and his leadership was unwavering.

After 19 seasons with the New York Yankees Jeter will hang up his glove, put his jersey away and say goodbye to millions of fans and followers. I must admit that Derek Jeter was a key factor in2011 season my falling in love with America’s favorite past time and I’d even dare to say I’m not the only one. Many found themselves following baseball with a watchful eye thanks to the talents displayed by the Yankees’ starting short stop. Although we are all wallowing in sadness over the soon to be retirement of one of the best in the league we are also reminded of his many accomplishments and the success he has brought to the team. So from all of us around the world who love and admire Jeter here’s a toast to a hopefully very successful final season, and may you continue to live a full and happy life off the field.

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