Washington Wizards streaking back over.500

washington wizards

The Washington Wizards have been playing great basketball lately having won their last three games against the Hawks, Pelicans and Cavaliers, 2 of which were on the road. With their recent surge they have reached the .500 mark yet again at a mark of 28-28. With recent addition Andre Miller receiving his first playing time in a victory against the Pelicans, the team has a sturdier, winning culture about them. Their change in demeanor is quite notable as they seem to expect victory night in and night out, especially against inferior opponents. Even though they have had more than their fair share of slip ups, if you can call them those in the NBA, this Wizards team has started to win the games they are “supposed to win.”

Another key component of the home stretch of this 2013-2014 season is the team’s ability to stay healthy. Veteran Al Harrington had his return to the lineup for the first time this calendar year and made his presence known knocking down a three and totaling 5 points. Harrington was the last Wizards player needed to return from injury for the team to be completely healthy as a unit.

Naturally, as is usually the norm with the Wizards, when everything seems to be going in their favor, something goes wrong. In the 4th quarter of their most recent game against the Cavaliers, highly important power forward Nene left the game with a non-contact knee injury. Word from the team claims that he should be fine but the team is still contemplating the necessity of an MRI. Nene, aside from Wall in my opinion is the most important part of the Wizards team. Should Nene miss any significant time, that would be a major loss for the Wizards. Losing the 6’10 beast of a forward while trying to make a playoff run is probably a worst case scenario for the Wizards. Aside from the Nene injury however the Wizards as a team appear to be headed in the right direction.