VCU Basketball: VCU loses a player and their first back-to-back games

VCU loses a player and their first back-to-back games in what was one of their worst weeks yet. With just four games left in the regular season VCU drops to No. 4 in the A-10. Both of these losses were away. When taking VCU’s schedule into account they have, unfortunately, played most of their harder match-ups away.

Treveon Graham, one of VCU's strongest scorers, had the most points in VCU's most recent loss against UMass.

Treveon Graham, one of VCU’s strongest scorers, had the most points in VCU’s most recent loss against UMass.

Although no one can blame losses on the mere fact that they weren’t at home, all seven games VCU has lost this season have been on the road. When fans watch the Rams play away, more times than they would like to admit, they see a different team. Sloppy shooting plagues the players on the road. The hardest part about watching  VCU play poor on offense is usually during the last 2 minutes when we trail by some number usually as little as 5. If they made a few more of those missed shots on offense they would be ahead and the games wouldn’t keep coming down to the last few possessions. When playing away these last possessions are crucial, but the crowd of the opposing teams’ roaring cheers are distracting at that time. It would be hard to ignore the fans as they get louder in those moments and even harder to come back from those missed shots putting them behind. These characteristics are a bit nerve wrecking for fans as VCU will be hitting the road for tournament season soon.

At home, the Rams are 13-0. Luckily VCU will have the chance to redeem themselves after one of their hard losses they had recently on the road. Saint Louis will be heading to the Siegel Center this week. Rams players are surly pumped up to have the A-10 undefeated Billikens in their arena for a chance to defeat them. One match-up that may come to mind when getting excited about the second chance against SLU would be the ones VCU had against George Washington. It was devastating to watch GW beat VCU at home by 10 but when they visited Richmond, the Rams beat GW by almost 20.

GW vs Saint Joseph's

GW vs Saint Joseph’s

One fact about VCU that avid fans know is that the team never looks the same in March. With tournament season around the corner, these losses may scare some. Ram fans know that the team Coach Smart brings into the month of March looks much different than his regular season team.

Another loss VCU endured this week was with reserve forward Terrance Shannon. He left the team for “personal reasons.” As a transfer from Florida State, big things were expected from Shannon. With a knee injury affecting him and missing two games for family matters earlier in the season, it appears that Shannon had a rougher time adjusting than he would have liked.

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  • Tiffany Darnel

    Good read! I feel that this is a transitional season for VCU. Next season we have the 15th best recruiting class in the nation coming in, so hopefully the new freshmen can add to our depth and get some baskets to go down. I feel that we never deserved to be ranked so high at the beginning of the season, maybe that got to the guy’s heads and they had to be humbled in a big way.

    As sad as I was to see Shannon go – he really seemed to be coming out of his shell before his knee injury – he did not play many minutes and thus our game shouldn’t be too affected by the loss. It must be hard coming into a system like HAVOC when you have played your entire career a different way.