Clemson football players look to the NFL Draft

clemson footballWith the NFL Draft approaching and some very prominent Clemson football alumni participating in the Senior Bowl, All Star Bowl, and NFL Combine, there are a lot of rumors circulating about where each player will be in just over two months.

The most prominent player is Sammy Watkins, who is expected to go relatively early in the first round. In a press conference at the NFL Combine on Saturday, Watkins told the media that he has been preparing for the last three months to show the scouts and the coaches that he can be the dominant player that they are all looking for.

“I can make plays all over the field,” said Watkins. “When I come into the NFL I think I can be a dominant receiver.”

The Draft is still over two months away, but Watkins has already had meetings with the Jets, who have the 18th pick, and the Browns, who have the 4th pick. A meeting with the Lions, who have the 10th pick, has been scheduled. The Seattle Seahawks, Super Bowl VIII champions, are looking for a wide receiver in this year’s draft and head coach Pete Carroll has expressed interest in Watkins. However, most people in the NFL world have agreed that Watkins will be gone well before the Seahawks’ 32nd pick.

There have been many different speculations about the top five receivers in the 2014 Draft, but almost all of them include Clemson’s Sammy Watkins. Other top receivers include Marqise Lee (Southern Cal.), Odell Beckham, Jr. (LSU), Mike Evans (Texas A&M), Allen Robinson (Penn State), Kelvin Benjamin (FSU), and Jarvis Landry (LSU).

Another Clemson player who left the season on a very high note is linebacker Spencer Shuey. He had a stand out performance at the All Star Bowl and played a large part in Clemson’s defeat of Ohio State in the Orange Bowl. Clemson’s defensive line is one of the main reasons that Clemson was able to defeat the Buckeyes and their powerful offense. Shuey’s contributions led that effort as he was named co-defensive player of the game.

“I want to go out there and show [the scouts and coaches] what I can do,” said Shuey of Pro Day on March 6.

And finally, one of the biggest names throughout the last football season: Tajh Boyd. Following the Senior Bowl, Boyd received a lot of negative feedback on his performance. He said at the College All Star Game that he hopes the NFL teams will look at his entire career and all of his other successes instead of just his lackluster performance at the Senior Bowl.

“I just want to go out there and compete,” said Boyd. So far, he has received interest from Jacksonville, Houston, San Diego, and Pittsburgh.

Following the NFL Combine, Boyd said that one of the highlights of the whole experience has been his ability to interact with other players as well as all of the teams.