The ruckus continues with Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito

The feud between former Dolphin players Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito continues.

Martin’s lawyer released a 10-page document that accuses Incognito and two other people of bullying Martin. The other two people accused are center Mike Pouncey and offensive line coach Jim Turner. After news broke, Richie Incognito’s lawyer released a statement denying any statements were against Incognito.

This saga has been dragged out for over 4 months now. On November 2nd, the media found out about the allegations of bullying that Martin has faced. Just two days later, Incognito was suspended from the team. Quickly after that , the media began to explore Incognito’s reputation as a dirty player. There are at least two years in which Incognito was voted as the nastiest player in the NFL.

On November 14th , Incognito filed a grievance against the Dolphins. In this particular case, a grievance basically challenges the Dolphins’ decision to suspend Incognito. Text messages have been released since, and ┬áin my opinion, they are over the line. I can understand playing around with other people especially in sports, but some of the things said to Martin went too far.

When it comes to Martin’s sister, he would be made fun of in multiple ways. Incognito and Pouncey were reported to describe their fictional “sexual experiences” with Martin’s sister, and simulate it. Acts like that and just outright disrespecting other people is just taking the jokes too far.

When referring to this matter, head coach Joe Philbin hasn’t really been seen as a person to be punished about this matter. With that being said, I believe that when this happens with people that you see everyday, everyone is at least aware of what’s going on. They may not know about every little detail, but they do know enough to see that it’s wrong.

  • tashamv

    Agreed. I honestly can’t stand how P.C. everything has become, and locker room shenanigans are one thing, but this is harassment and I feel the NFL should have a zero tolerance for it. Its not as though Incognito has a clean past and never has had an incident like this during his college and pro career.. what a waste of space…