Barcelona F.C. rumored to be looking for a new coach

Barcelona F.C.


The situation with Barcelona F.C. is not the best at the moment and all the fingers are pointing at Gerardo “Tata” Martino. Although unfair, the best clubs in the world set the highest achievements for each season and when these are not reached a change is not only wanted, but demanded.

Gerardo “Tata” Martino was appointed as a new manager for the club as a replacement for Villanova, due to illness, and the team seemed to do as good as usual. The touch of the coach was seen in the field, the defenders were now part of the high pressure provided by the midfielders, these were using long but precise balls in order to set plays for the fast strikers, and Neymar seemed to be adapting quite fast.


Since the beginning of the year, and even before, the team’s high performances started to fall flat, the long term improvement seemed as it had slowed down, and now we are witnessing the consequences.

This past Sunday’s result, losing against Real Sociedad, started the rumors that will eventually become a reality, like the coach being replaced. It might seem drastic and even extreme to start looking for new coaches in the middle of the season, but these are different times and clubs want what people want, results. Ferguson, former Manchester United coach, was one of the last coaches to last so long, he did won numerous competitions many times because now days the world of soccer has become very demanding and impatient.

Barcelona F.C.

Andres Iniesta

This is only a temporary phase that Barcelona F.C. is facing, with the quality of players that are part of this amazing squad it is hard to assume that they won’t win anymore games. The players are behind Martino 100 percent, “We are with Martino until death,” said Andres Iniesta when asked about the coach situation. Xavi, another leader of the team, also defended the coach when asked about a possible departure, he put the blame on himself and on the rest of the players for the latest poor performances.

It is rare nowadays for a team to respect a plan and the coaches contract, there is no longer trust and patience, instead the pressure and the influence of the fans affects most of the decisions from the directives, or so it seems.

What is the future for this glorious team?

Since we have seen one of the best teams in the world with Guardiola in charge, is nothing good enough? Have we been spoiled?

We have to understand and accept that we might not see another team play as good as the one that Guardiola coached from 2008 to 2012, the team that made each and everyone of us amazed, the team that took perfection to a different level,  and the one that even the rivals saluted.