Kevin Love: A Phoenix Suns offseason priority

Kevin Love is playing the best basketball of his career right now. He is on a team that has some talent, but not quite enough to make the playoffs in the brutal Western Conference and that has left Love frustrated.

Kevin Love

Will Kevin Love be on the move this offseason?

There’s no telling whether or not the Timberwolves will look to trade him this offseason, but if they make him available it would make sense for a number of reasons:

1. His value won’t get any higher and they would get a colossal return for him.

2. He will become a free agent after next season and could leave the team without them getting a return if they don’t trade him.

3. If they miss the playoffs yet again, maybe its best for them to start rebuilding and try something new.

What does Phoenix have to offer, you ask? Well, they probably have more to offer up in a trade than any other team in the NBA does thanks to their six 1st round picks in the next two drafts.

Along with their six 1st rounders in the next two years, they also have some promising young players that they could package up with those picks to help sweeten the deal. Some names that come to mind are; Markieff Morris, Marcus Morris (package deal), Archie Goodwin, Alex Len, and Miles Plumlee.

Hypothetical Trade #1

Minnesota receives: Markieff Morris, Marcus Morris, Archie Goodwin, PHX’s 2014 1st round pick, the 2014 WASH 1st round pick, and the Lakers’ 2015 1st rounder.

Phoenix receives: Kevin Love, 2014 2nd round pick.

Yes, I know that is giving up A LOT of young talent and picks, but that’s about what it will take to get Minnesota to even listen. Adding Love to a core of Goran Dragic, Gerald Green, Eric Bledsoe, Channing Frye, Miles Plumlee, PJ Tucker, etc. would be a dream come true for Suns fans. Plus they would still own three 1st rounders in the next two years so their future wouldn’t be put in jeopardy.

If that’s not enough, then desperate times may call for desperate measures.

Hypothetical Trade #2

Minnesota receives: Eric Bledsoe (sign and trade), WASH 2014 1st round pick, PHX 2015 1st round pick and Alex Len.

Phoenix receives: Kevin Love.

Giving up Bledsoe wouldn’t be ideal, but it could be something they have to consider if they really want to land a star. Plus, with giving away Bledsoe they wouldn’t have to add as many picks or younger players to make the deal possible.

One thing is certain, and that is that Kevin Love will cost a lot IF he becomes available. Phoenix needs to be aggressive and strike with a package that Minnesota can’t refuse and get the deal done.

[“Suns” of Anarchy]

Something else they would have to sort out would be Love’s contract. He would absolutely have to agree to an extension with the Suns to make the deal worth it, so there’s another challenge in acquiring the UCLA product.

The bottom line is that Kevin Love would be an excellent fit for the Phoenix Suns system and could help take this team to the next level and make them title contenders once again. I think I speak for most Suns fans when I say this: get it done, Ryan McDonough.

Want to see what Kevin Love looks like in a Suns uniform?

Love in a Suns uniformĀ 

  • Brandon Duenas

    TWolves fans say it’s not enough to get Love and Suns fans are saying it’s way too much. Looks like I found some middle ground.

  • Brandon Duenas

    You have all been entertaining. Next time try to bring actual insight before making yourself look like a fool. Thanks for playing.

  • Joel

    I like how this article is written from a suns perspective to try and hide that the writer is a diehard TWolves fan. If the first trade was cut to the Morris twins and 1 first rounder it would still be a little steep for the Suns but worth it for a guy like Love. But 3 young players AND 3 1st rounders?!? Ummm…wow. That trade proposal would have a hang up time faster than a 40 at the combine…but at least I will say it’s better than the second trade option. Sorry Brandon, you’re going to have to hope your TWolves GM is smarter than this or he’s going to be the laughing stock of the NBA with trade offers like these ones.

    • Brandon Duenas

      Diehard Wolves fan? Yeah, you caught me. I live in Phoenix, write articles for the Suns, and attend their games as much as possible…. but it’s all a cover up. I was hoping you wouldn’t catch me, Joel.

    • Steven

      Haha! Right there with ya Joel! Is this guy for real? I’ve seen some lopsided trade proposals thrown out there over the years (mainly by clueless commenters) but these definitely take the cake! There’s no way this guy actually is a fan of phoenix with these attempts to gut the team for one guy! Love’s great but for this? No!!!!! Keep dreaming dude and leave the fantasy GMing to people that actually follow basketball!

  • Travis

    lmao, you really think the T-wolves would trade for those schmucks and first round picks. The T-wolves hate first round draft picks because we always draft players like: Derrick Williams, Wes Johnson, Johnny Flynn, Corey Brewer, Rashad Mccants to name a few. Rick Adelman only plays veterans who he can trust, hence not playing Shabazz the entire season, before he torched you. Also, the T-wolves aren’t looking to start fresh anytime soon. We have a core of Pekovic, Rubio, Martin and great rookies already, why would Love leave to play with Dragic and a bunch of D-leaguers. The reports of Love not liking it in Minnesota are only false media exploits. Everyone in the organization and even Love himself refute them constantly. Finally, why would Love leave when the T-wolves are going to the playoffs this year and the Suns aren’t. Suns next 6 games are against good teams, Wolves next 8 are against below .500 teams. Have fun in the lottery overzealous Suns fans

    • Brandon Duenas

      Good to know Timberwolves fans exist.

    • Lou D

      Those D-leaguers are still in playoff contention! Would suggest the Suns have the talent to surround a player like Love. But they also have a great coach, smart mgnt and plenty of draft picks to continue building a contender, whether this trade is made or not. Oh, and one more thing: the Suns play in sunny, athlete-appealing AZ! And referring to a small number of upcoming games and applying that to the rest of the season is meaningless. Do the Wolves have tough games after those eight? And do the Suns have easy games after those six? Of course. Fact is, right now the Suns are in the playoffs and the Wolves are not. Seems like plenty of reasons for Love to consider playing with the Suns! Hope they get it done!

  • sunsfan

    I dont like any of this trades, i really like Kevin and would love to have him here in Phoenix, but giving all those players and picks will make the timberwolves the suns of this year and will make the suns the timberwolves of this year.

    • Brandon Duenas

      So you’re telling me… a lineup that consists of Plumlee-Love-Tucker-Bledsoe-Dragic with Green, Frye, Smith, Len, and our incoming picks all coming off the bench makes us the Timberwolves of this year? *facepalm*

      • Carey Adams

        Dragic isn’t much of a pick and roll PG. Bledsoe on the other hand is very good. Dragic is more of a drive & kick to the open shooter when the defense collapses PG. That is probably where Love’s value will be. Think Channing Frye on steroids. I think we have enough ammunition to get a deal done, but it’s very very risky. Under the new CBA there are no extend and trades. We would have to take him at his word that he will opt out and re-sign with the Suns. I think he’s intent on testing the market in 2015 where a lot of teams will have cap space including the Lakers, Knicks, Bulls and others. Do we risk gutting the team for a guy that can walk? I think we should stay the course. Continue building the team and compete to sign him in 2015.

        • Brandon Duenas

          I stopped reading after you said Dragic isn’t much of a pick and roll PG. The entire Suns offense is run through Dragic pick and rolls.

          • Carey Adams

            You got the pick part right, but he rarely ever hits the roll man. Our offense is a corner offense built on dual guard penetration that swings the ball around when the defense overplays a side. I watch every game so I don’t know what to tell you. I guess we’re seeing very different things out there. There’s a reason Plumlee’s stats plummeted when Bledsoe went out. Same reason Gortat did better with Nash than Dragic. He’s just not a pick and roll PG.

          • Brandon Duenas

            I get what you are saying now. Dragic may not be great when it comes to hitting people off the pick and roll whenever they cut to the basket, but he is excellent at finding Frye and the Morris twins when they pop out on the perimeter off the screen and that is EXACTLY the type of forward Kevin Love is.

            Bledsoe is more of the throwback pick n’ roll PG. When they play together it really opens things up. Btw, sorry if I came off as a jerk to you, but I just like to have some fun. If people can dish it out then they better be prepared to receive it back. Thanks for reading.

          • Carey Adams

            P.s. why are you a total jerk to everyone commenting? Why even bother authoring a post if all you want is people agreeing with you?