New Orleans Pelicans: Mascots more popular than players?


The New Orleans Pelicans’ mascots are becoming more popular than the players and that’s an issue. The organization introduced Pierre The Pelican as the season started, then the new and improved Pierre and now an awful looking doll named the King Cake Baby.

What’s worse, the team being on a four game losing streak or having two horrifying mascots associated with the organization? There is no easy answer to that question.

Maybe, the answer to that question is to bring back the old mascot. Unclip the wings of Pierre; send the King Cake Baby back to day care and have Hugo the Hornet fly back into New Orleans. It doesn’t matter what kind of mascot New Orleans shows off to their fans, the team still continues to lose basketball games.

I wonder what Chris Paul thinks of the mascot situation in New Orleans? I guess it’s better than the Clipper mascot. Not only has Pierre The Pelican given fans nightmares, so has the play of this Pelican team.

Pierre came out of surgery with a new glamorous look. The beak changed from red to yellow and looks a lot less freaky. His eyes aren’t as droopy as they once were and he doesn’t intimidate children as much anymore.

I can’t say that about the new, King Cake Baby mascot. Whether you like the Pelicans or not, you have to be nervous for this franchise. The team has lost four games in a row and will play the next five games on the road. Anthony Davis is the only player that shows he is motivating his teammates by his play. If the Pelicans want to make the playoffs they have to work harder out on the court, not on creating new mascots.

Don’t count out the mascots, because they are a big part of professional sports. Turn the channel to the famous Major League Baseball mascot race when it’s on television next. The mascots that race, give the crowd a good laugh and they don’t scare children away like the two Pelican mascots.

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Any publicity is good publicity, but when the Pelicans mascots are more popular than the team, Dell Demps may need to reevaluate the team’s priorities. The Pelicans are 23-33 and in last place in the Southwest Division. Last game against the Clippers, Eric Gordon and Tyreke Evans had a combined total of 18 points. Gordon didn’t even attempt a free throw last game! And that’s a problem, because that means he isn’t driving to the basket. On the flip side, Evans attempted two free throws, but couldn’t connect on either. One of the strengths of these two players is their ability to get to the rim. During this four game losing streak they haven’t been doing that successfully. Not to mention Evans has been atrocious from around the three-point line. He is being paid the big bucks; I really believe he can do better than 8-53 from beyond the three-point arc.

Terrible mascots and terrible play, that’s the Pelicans motto at the moment. Davis is outplaying everyone that defends him, but he isn’t receiving any help from his teammates. Pierre The Pelican brings the ball up the court, dishes it to King Cake Baby on the left wing, King Cake Baby throws the alley-oop to Davis and Davis dunks the rock home. Now that sounds nice.

  • Gregory

    No way you can get Hugo back–the rights have already returned back to Charlotte, and he will reintroduced in October..