Philadelphia Eagles: Keeping the best left tackle in Philly

One of the greatest left tackles in the NFL will continue to fly with the Philadelphia Eagles through 2018. He and the Eagles agreed on a new five-year contract Wednesday morning to ensure his position as left tackle. This is great news for Philadelphia.

Pro Bowl and All-Pro left tackle, Jason Peters, made certain that he will be joining Chip Kelly’s offense for many seasons to come. After losing a season due to a torn and then re-torn Achilles, Peters is determined to lead the Eagles’ offense for the next five years.

Peters was approaching the final year of his contract while they agreed on a new 5-year deal that will ensure that Peters is an Eagle until 2018.

“There aren’t many people cut from the same cloth as Jason Peters. To be able to bounce back from two Achilles injuries and return to an All-Pro level speaks not only to his incredible athleticism, but proves just how hard he works at his game. Having him at left tackle provides a lot of comfort to our quarterback and to our entire offense. He’s a guy that many players look up to in our locker room,” said head coach Chip Kelly according to the Eagles’ website.

Peters played in 16 games in the year 2013, which was the first time he did that since 2006. Peters joined the Eagles in 2009 after being traded by the Buffalo Bills. He began there as an undrafted tight end and sure enough, became a Pro Bowl left tackle. There is definitely something to be said about that.

Peters made the Pro Bowl in his first three seasons before his achilles injury that eliminated him from the 2012 season all together.

Philadelphia Eagles general manager Howie Roseman said that he is “excited to be able to keep him in Philadelphia for years to come.” I think Eagles fans are feeling the same way.

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Twitter began buzzing with positive feedback and happiness from Philadelphia fans.

Peters has been recognized as a big factor in helping LeSean McCoy lead the league in rushing, specifically 1,607 rushing yards and a franchise-best 442 points scored on the season. Would McCoy have been able to do that without the talent of Peters? Maybe. Maybe not.

Peters is without a doubt one of the most athletic lineman playing the game of football. What Kelly said is true, not many athletes would be able to bounce back from that type of injury. But, Peters did and that’s why I believe he is one of the greatest left tackles in the game.

Kelly’s coaching and offensive ideas worked in the 2013 season and Peters lead the way on the offensive line.

The Eagles have high hopes that he will continue to shine on the field next season and for the next five years. In my eyes, he will, for sure.