Mexico Soccer: A long awaited return; El Tri begins new cycle in Atlanta


The long anticipated return of Mexico’s European based players is over. El Tri will finally be back in its entirety for its clash with Nigeria Wednesay in Atlanta.

Mexico coach Miguel Herrera will be anxious to fuse his domestic players with his European.  Its has been approximately 4 months since the European based players represented El Tri and it is uncertain what mentality they will bring to the squad after the disarray of qualifying.

With very few opportunities for the full squad to play together the game against Nigeria will be a very important stepping stone. A positive result against the African side will point El Tri in the right direction. A simple understanding of the style of play Herrera wants of the squad must be grasped early.

Wednesdays friendly will be an early indicator of what to expect for Brazil. Obviously a couple of expected changes will occur as the team progresses to this summers tournament but right now it is much too late to continue to test out players. Herrera should instead focus on building his eleven from the players he expects to use for the World Cup.

Herrera will have a long list of players at his disposal for the game against Nigeria. A list that will inevitably have to be cut short for Brazil. Herrera will need to inject confidence into his European based players to get them back into the swing of things. The fact that Herrera has built a base for the squad will ease the transition for the players that have been absent since October. A successful return to the squad will help to squash the dreadful memories of qualifying.

Humiliation was a consistent pattern for El Tri during qualifiers but now with a new coach in command Mexico is ready to turn a corner and begin a new chapter.

Mexico’s preparation for the World Cup begins Wednesday in Atlanta and there is no telling how the European based players will embrace their return to the national team.