Was Mourinho Right About Former Chelsea FC’s Juan Mata Departure?

Many Chelsea FC supporters and players alike were left in awe as they would see one of their own players leave for rivals Manchester United in what will be seen as some of the most controversial transfers in the Barclays Premier League.

Has Mourinho got it right?

Has Mourinho got it right?

Jose Mourinho, a sometimes respected and great personality, has come back for his second stint at Chelsea and is already making huge strides in turning this Chelsea team around and making them genuine title contenders against rivals Liverpool, Manchester City, and Arsenal.  They currently lead the English standings as they sit top with 60 points with 27 games played.  He will call on his players to keep performing consistently as Arsenal, Manchester City, and Liverpool are a only a point apart from one another respectively.  Though, his success may not be the only thing that people may go onto to realize this season.  After neglecting to play Spanish maestro, Juan Mata, he later decided that he was surplus to requirements and felt that moving him onto Manchester United would be beneficial for Chelsea FC and the player’s wish to get more playing time so that he can be in contention for the upcoming World Cup in Brazil.

Mata joined Manchester United in the latest transfer window.

Mata joined Manchester United in the latest transfer window.

Jose Mourinho was very explicit in his judgement of his former player after he sold Juan Mata to Manchester United in the past January transfer window.  He told the media about the difficulties to have Juan Mata improve as a player.  Here is his statement, “I am sorry that I didn’t make him a stronger player.  Maybe it was something new for him, not to be a first choice (player) in a difficult moment.  Maybe that made him, as a man, as a player, stronger but I gave him nothing to be honest and I feel sorry with that.”  These are some harsh words especially being targeted at someone whom was once the source to all of Chelsea FC’s creativity and the initial spark to all of their attacking moves towards goal.  After being Chelsea FC’s best player for almost 2 years in London, Juan Mata has been pushed off the pedestal and casted out due to the complaints of his manager and the impressive form of Oscar.

Oscar has been in terrific form since the start of the new season in his favored no. 10 role which was under great threat from Juan Mata.  However, it was the youngster’s potential and willingness to work hard off the ball that allowed him to be the great player he is at the moment thus ousting Mata out of the starting 11 on a weekly basis.

Oscar's form is one of the many reasons Mata had to leave.

Oscar’s form is one of the many reasons Mata had to leave.

Oscar great work ethic and tactical awareness convinced Mourinho that he could successfully aid his side’s attack and create a defensive stability starting from the midfield back.  This is one of the major faults that left Mata out of the side regularly.  His overall work ethic doesn’t seem to impress many defensively and many can judge that Manchester United took the bullet on this transfer as the problems he had at Chelsea FC have carried over to the red half of Manchester.  He seems to be content on playing the game with the ball and feels as if he doesn’t need to track back and aid the team in defense with any sort of attempt to tackle and win the ball back for the side.

Although Chelsea FC have lost a incredible attacking player, they will be able to cope with their loss as they have more than enough talent to back that transfer up.  With Hazard, Willian, and newly captured Salah jointing the ranks, Chelsea FC have a plethora of options to call upon to win their matches.  Only time will tell if Mourinho has made the right decision when his side continue to fight on the final stretch of the season with the possibility of becoming the English champions once again.

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