Miami Dolphins: Fat boys break-up

The Miami Dolphins are looking slim. First the Fat Boys (Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito) break up, and now the Dolphins have concerns with center Mike Pouncey. They have several other lineman on the free agency market.

Mike Pouncey was reported to be involved in the Jonathan Martin scandal, but I doubt his punishment will be on the level of Richie Incognito. Other than getting over the shame of the Martin and Incognito scandal, the Dolphins are in need of replacement fat boys.

The Dolphins have four offensive linemen, two guards and two tackles, up for free agency, including Richie Incognito. Now I’m assuming Incognito won’t be back next season, and despite his problems he was a good blocker when he wanted to be, so the Dolphins certainly have some cleats to fill.

The Dolphins have a lot of work on their hands, but they certainly can’t get any worse than last season. Despite an 8-8 record, Ryan Tannehill was sacked 58 times, more than any other quarterback in the league, and if he’s supposed to become the next Dan Marino, then they need to take care of him and get him a suitable line. The running game wasn’t anything to brag about either, averaging only 90 yards per game.

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Luckily, for the Miami Dolphins, there are some reliable big men on the market. Ravens left tackle Eugene Monroe and Chiefs left tackle Branden Albert seem to be the desired free agents, but if they’re unable to sign either of them, then there is always the draft.

The Dolphins have the 19th pick of the 2014 NFL draft, and I would suggest taking a lineman, even if they do pick up someone in free agency.

Notre Dame offensive lineman, Zack Martin has played both left tackle and left guard which makes him a great fit to a team with so much uncertainty in the trenches, like Miami. He didn’t necessarily have the greatest combine, but I have always been more of an advocate for what a player does on the field, rather than how many times he can bench 225 pounds.

They Dolphins also have the 81st pick in the draft and if they want to look for another fat boy, then should look no further than Dakota State’s offensive tackle Billy Turner. Turner at 6 foot 5, 215 pounds is an excellent pass blocker, and as the son of a former NFL lineman and brother of a current NFL lineman, he certainly has them fat boy genes.