New York Yankees versus Jameis Winston

Yankees vs Winston

Jameis Winston and the Florida State Seminoles took on the New York Yankees on Tuesday February 25th, 2014. Of course the coupling of the great American past time and the warm Florida weather led some fans of both teams to the stands, but what happens when a Heisman trophy one of America’s longest standing baseball greats?

Jameis Winston: Duel threat

Yankees vs Jameis Winston

Most of America has at least some idea about the duel athletic threat

that is Jameis Winston. After leading Florida State to the college football National Championship against Auburn and winning it Jameis traded in his football gear for baseball equipment and stepped on the field for Florida State as an outfielder. Though he may also play right handed pitcher for the team as the year goes on.

Yankees lead the Seminoles

It was a late February day in Florida when George M. Steinbrenner field opened the gates to a small few choosing to attend Yankees match-up with the Florida State Seminoles during spring training. Many of the Bronx Bombers’ starting players didn’t play, but Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira and Jorge Podsada all met and chatted with the 2013 Heisman winner, Winston, before the game.

Heisman winner can’t pitch

Head Seminoles coach Mike Martin reported that Winston wasn’t able to pitch due to some elbow tenderness and pain, but was able to go up to bat a couple of times during the game. Ultimately Winston grounded out to second then struck out looking against YankeesYankees vs Jameis Winston pitcher Bryan Mitchell, however the Seminoles were able to put 3 runs on the board losing to the Yankees 8-3. Winston went on to say that meeting several of the Yankees greats was “better than winning the Heisman”. He also stated that he felt he could stand to improve at bat, “I been struggling this spring, but that’s baseball, man.”

Yankees snag the win

Yankees brought several players we hardly ever, or even never, see out to play in Tampa against the Seminoles. Names including right handed pitcher Bryan Mitchell and short stop Dean Anna played on the 25th against Winston and his Noles. The day before the game Noles head coach Martin stated that “our guys will have a different kind of emotion. The emotion this time will be for the fact that they’re playing one of the most storied baseball franchises in all of baseball history.” And he was right, the game was hardly an even match. The Seminoles knew they would be playing a team who has won the Major League Baseball World Series 27 times and they prepared the best that they could, allowing every man on the roster at least 15 seconds of game time.

At the end of the day, it’s the memories made

The whole game was more about building memories and making Yankees vs Jameis Winstonlasting impressions on everyone involved than about who wins or loses. It would have been quite a feat to knock the Yankees down to size in Tampa, but the Seminoles just couldn’t quite pull it off. And that’s ok! The teams had a great opportunity to interact, and learn from each other, and after all it wasn’t a regular season game so that’s all they could have asked for regardless. I’m sure Jameis Winston and the rest of the FSU baseball team enjoyed the chance to play against a team who is known for their true American spirit and is the home team of many baseball legends, including Babe Ruth.