A strong finish ahead for the Duke Basketball team

The Duke Basketball team is looking to go 13-2 over their last fifteen games.  They are 11-2 over the previous thirteen games.  They are attempting to finish the season by winning their last four games, and are looking to go into the ACC tournament on a winning streak.  This will be a crucial stretch, especially if they can beat Syracuse and North Carolina in this little win streak before the ACC tournament.  They have also reentered the top ten in both polls.

After a tough week, they had one of the easier weeks for the Blue Devils.  They have come off of a win at home against Syracuse and also had one against Virginia Tech.  They have one week left in the regular season, and they have to play at Wake Forest and a home game against North Carolina.http://youtu.be/Pz_Es57Yiz0

Duke will look to end the season off a strong note.  It will be a four game winning streak and being able to beat North Carolina at home for the last game of the season.  The North Carolina will be on senior night for Duke, and it will see four seniors have their last game at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

The last game for the Blue Devils this season is at Cameron Indoor Stadium, and it will say good bye to four Duke seniors.  The players are Tyler Thornton, Andre Dawkins, Josh Hairston, and Todd Zafirovski.  These are the players that are for sure going to have their last game there, and will be looking to help them leave off on a high note.

The North Carolina game is never an easy game; they always come ready to beat Duke as it was witness earlier last week.  They went to Chapel Hill and came away with only their second lose in thirteen games.  It will be a tough game at home, but Duke hasn’t lost at home all season.  They will be looking to go perfect from home again in a season.  They are always really good at home and this season isn’t any different.

They are looking to finish the season off strong with a four game winning streak, and look to position them well for the NCAA Tournament.  This team with a strong finish should get a number two seed if not be able to sneak into a one seed.  They have had one of their toughest schedules this season, and it should prepare them for the tournament no matter what their seed is.  Duke will be a tough out for any team, and they are one of the best teams in the country it will be interesting to see how they fair in the tournament.  They are playing better, and should have a good chance to bid for a Final Four.

  • blacknblue4ev

    They need to work harder on defense, which will lead to easier transition points. They have the athleticism to match anybody in the country. Now it’s just a matter of putting it all together.

    • john sullivan

      they will continue to win at home
      with the refs help

      • Terry Dyer

        Hey john Sullivan
        Welcome to tobacco road!!!!!
        Refs did not do them any favors at Syracuse.
        It was two great games and the refs are human threw the whole game.