Boston Celtics struggles continue

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The Boston Celtics are continuing on their season long struggle. There is no relief coming either, as they have experienced more and more injuries to some of their better players (granted that is not saying much). Gerald Wallace, the most experienced player by far on the team, was a steadying force that head coach Brad Stevens could rely upon to instill professionalism in the locker room and (semi) respectability on the court. Unfortunately for Stevens, Wallace is out for the year, with a torn meniscus. There was some chatter about Jimmer Fredette possibly joining the team, but considering reports from most outlets, that seems highly unlikely. Losing out on Fredette isn’t the end of the world. This injury should help the Celtics continue to nose dive in the standings.

Jared Sullinger, who has arguably been the best Celtic player this year, is out for the time being, with a concussion that occurred against the Los Angeles Lakers. His rebounding will definitely be missed, as that is what he does best, but his inside, outside scoring game will hurt their already limited offense even more. Sullinger has a definite shot at being a key contributor to this team moving forward. It wouldn’t be the worst development in the world if the Celtics decided to sit him down for a prolonged period, just to make sure he is healthy and also to help with losing and securing a better draft pick.

Despite still taking games off due to general soreness, and maintenance, Rajon Rondo has without a doubt found his stride. His is scoring and assisting like he used to before his injury, and while he isn’t as good as some people want you to believe, when he is playing well, there are few players more fun to watch in the league than him. It still seems like a likely possibility he’ll be involved in numerous trade rumors this summer, with an actual transaction taking place, if Danny Ainge gets the right deal put together.

The month of March should bring even more losses, as the Celtics schedule is packed with contenders. Ainge and the front office must be thrilled with the prospect of losing even more than usual. Somewhat disappointing rookie, Kelly Olynyk, is also out for awhile with a toe injury. It’ll be interesting to see what his ceiling will be, for the Celtics, I’d imagine they’d be thrilled with a Luis Scola type, with better shooting range. If he does develop into such a player, he needs to get drastically better. The Celtics have to be hoping he is just getting used to the NBA grind, as they’ll be looking for marked improvement next season.

Danny Ainge’s priority this off-season has to be getting out from under Jeff Green’s unappealing play and contract. If Ainge can successfully do that, this last calendar year would be a great success. His play is often uninspired, and waiting for him to be more consistent is fool’s gold.

There is only a month and half left of games for the Celtics, if they can lose 75% of their remaining games, that would be one hell of a gift for Ainge and crew come the draft in June.