Dwight Howard back to playing at a superior level

Dwight Howard is back in full throttle.  Any enemies in the near future should beware of this.  Howard being back on his “A-game” may be a result of his health.  However, there’s no question he’s much more comfortable in his current role than he was with the Lakers.  It’s obvious that last season’s Laker team did not mesh well together.  On top of that, Kobe steered him in the wrong direction and helped move him on to Houston.

We have barely heard a peep from Dwight Howard this season.  That’s good news; that means he’s focused on playing basketball.  His ultimate goal is to win a ring and he stepped back on the right track by joining forces with superstar guard James Harden.

Harden is the reason that Howard doesn’t have to produce as much on offense as he did in Orlando.  Howard is the man in the middle and Harden is the guy Houston trusts to make plays.  The Magic had a look of big Dwight in the middle and four shooters around him.  While they are two different strategies, both are highly successful because of Howard’s flexibility.

Big Dwight has consistently been one of the league’s most dominant defenders in the past ten years.  The three-time Defensive Player of the Year is trouble for opponents.  Getting to the hoop with this guy guarding the basket can be overwhelmingly difficult.  Howard also seems to have gained his full mobility back which allows him to play defense to a great extent.

It’s also no secret that Howard’s attitude and mentality is an important factor behind his play.  As an organization, you don’t want to make Howard unhappy.  It’s evidently very difficult to cheer the guy up.  He has a mind of his own.  However, that’s who he is and he isn’t going to change just so fans have a better perception of him.

I don’t feel the need to provide you with any stats.  The numbers are just a part of Dwight Howard’s game.  Howard is back to being the exemplary big men that teenage basketball players should look up to.  No matter what perception you have of Howard, he’s a guaranteed Hall-of-Famer.  Most importantly, he wants to be labeled a “winner,” just as LeBron James did.


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  • Charles

    I agree. I think Dwight is playing at superstar level again. Nice read man.