Golden State Warriors: MSG performance boosted Curry’s MVP chances

Stephen Curry put on a spectacle at Madison Square Garden on Friday night and improved his MVP chances in the progress.

Stephen Curry put on a spectacle at Madison Square Garden on Friday night and improved his MVP chances in the progress.


Stephen Curry has had an impressive season so far and thanks to his triple-double performance on Friday night at Madison Square Garden, the baby-faced assassin will most likely gain some ground in the race for MVP.

It is safe to say that Curry is pretty comfortable when visiting the New York Knicks because as many people know, he lit up the scoring board with 54 points and 11 three-pointers in his last trip to Madison Square Garden on February 27th, 2013. A year later, Curry decided to ease up on the scoring column this time but still managed to put on a marvelous display of pure point guard play.

It was a primetime game. Fans were excited to see the visiting Golden State Warriors and from the looks of things, Mr. Curry was feeling pretty excited as well. While fueling the Warriors to a 126-103 victory over the Knicks, Curry scored 27 points, dropped 11 dimes and even snagged down 11 rebounds. He “settled” for 5 three-pointers this time instead of 11 but still managed to shoot 5-11 from downtown and 9-19 from the field.

As always, Curry’s play this season exhibits his ability to be a shooter with pinpoint accuracy. On top of that, he has improved tremendously in terms of becoming an all-around player. In fact, Curry is becoming ever so versatile. Many people go as far as saying Curry is a complete player. When looking at his stats, it is quite easy to say that Curry has made himself into a clear MVP candidate.

There are a couple big reasons why Curry is a very strong MVP candidate. Thanks to an astounding performance against the Knicks on Friday night, Curry now has three triple-doubles on the year, which means he only trails Pacers guard Lance Stephenson, who has four triple-doubles. To have more triple-doubles than the likes of Kevin Durant, LeBron James or Paul George is evidence of how Curry is holding his own and proving he is one of the most valuable players in the league in terms of producing for his team.

Another reason Curry is valuable is his exceptional point guard skills.  Coming into Friday night’s matchup against the Knicks, Curry was fifth in the NBA in plus-minus statistics. When Curry is out on the floor calling the shots, the Warriors have scored 421 more points than their opponents in 2013-2014. Not to mention, Curry leads the NBA in assists at 8.9 per game. Coaches always preach that their point guard must be a great defender. Well, Curry isn’t a great defender just yet but his 1.6 steals per game is pretty solid and proves that he is investing more time in becoming a two-way player.

Anyone who is an avid basketball fan knows Curry is an exceptional scorer. He has the tools to be the best shooter in NBA history. However, he is not that kid from Davidson College that was just a scorer anymore. When Curry entered the league, many questioned his point guard skills and even to this day, people swear up and down that Curry isn’t a real point guard but he is showing people that he doesn’t need to be a traditional point guard to thrive at the position.

The 25-year-old has matured and if he keeps on putting up numbers like he did at Madison Square Garden on Friday night, he could be a top five candidate for the MVP at the end of the season.  That’s not saying he is going to win, but to be in the conversation is an honor in itself and Curry definitely deserves some praise for the season he has orchestrated for himself and his teammates.