Los Angeles Lakers still struggling

los angeles lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have struggled all season, and that has continued since the All Star break. It’s still somewhat unimaginable to recognize that the Los Angeles Clippers now run the Staples Center, and are light years better than the Lakers are at the moment, and heading into the future. The Lakers situation is probably even more depressing than the one the Boston Celtics find themselves in. Considering these are the last couple years for their franchise icon, Kobe Bryant, the Lakers won’t be good enough to compete for that elusive sixth title that he so desperately seeks (that’s even if he can stay on the court, which is a hard trend to reverse once you get to the mileage Bryant’s at).

Steve Nash still hasn’t made any appearances for a long while now, and his greatest contribution seems to be letting a network have behind the scenes access at him flailing for the Lakers. It should make for a great watch to most fans, but has to be extremely frustrating to Lakers fans, and maybe even to management. It seems that he’ll be sticking it out past this year as well, most likely to keep collecting those fat paychecks, and, really, can you blame the guy? Lakers fan’s and management may have different feelings on the subject.

Pau Gasol has quietly had a decent year, especially considering the slow start he had to the season. While he can be whiny at times, he has been professional throughout the year, which must be hard considering the situation he finds himself in, being a free agent after this season, and being stuck on a terrible team. It’s a good thing Gasol is on this team, because if he wasn’t, this team may not have reached 20 wins on the season.

Jordan Hill has cooled off considerably in recent week, but that may not me such a bad thing for the Lakers, as he would’ve been due for a contract that would’ve priced him out of the Lakers most likely figures. With those struggles happening at the end of the season, it could help when trying to negotiate with Hill and his agent.

In what really shouldn’t be too big a surprise, Kendall Marshall has struggled the past week, especially shooting the ball. He had shot well in his initial insertion into the starting lineup, but considering that shooting has always been a struggle for him, the steady decline in his shooting numbers are expected. He is however, continuing to pile up his assist numbers. It’ll be a interesting to see how the Lakers will designate Marshall going forward, will they try to retain him as their starting point guard or back point guard? The guess going forward here, is that he’ll be the starting point guard for the Lakers come next November.

The good news for the Lakers is that MarShon Brooks is apparently playing like a young Kobe Bryant, at least according to Kent Bazemore. I’m sure many Lakers fans will remember this when Brooks is playing in the D-League next year.