Chicago Bulls sign Jimmer Fredette

The Chicago Bulls made a rather surprising move late last night when they signed free agent guard Jimmer Fredette who had recently been released by the Sacramento Kings. The reason that this move is somewhat surprising to me is Jimmer has not been an overly successful defensive player to this point in his NBA career. That was me putting it as nicely as possible because the harsh truth is that Jimmer Fredette is a downright awful defensive player.

The Bulls are a team that prides themselves on how well they play together on the defensive side of the ball. Because of this it is certainly understandable why more than few eyebrows may have been raised when the news of the Jimmer Freddette signing first broke.

This move will probably have little to no effect on the outcome of the Chicago Bulls’ season so I will not scrutinize it too much. That being said, there is no denying Jimmer Fredette’s ability to hit a three point jumper.

For those of you who do not remember Jimmer Fredette he was an absolutely astounding college basketball player at BYU. He actually won national player of the year honors in 2011. After that season Jimmer was selected by the Milwaukee Bucks with the 10th overall selection and was then promptly traded to the Sacramento Kings. Since then Jimmer has had a decent career coming off the bench for the Kings specializing in three point shooting.

Jimmer is currently shooting an astounding 49% from behind the three point arc this season. Who knows maybe Jimmer will be a perfect match for a team that has sometimes struggled to put points on the board.

If Jimmer does see any significant playing time it will mean that he is continuing to put up consistent offense for a team that could desperately use some. If Jimmer fails to produce head coach Tom Thibodeau will have absolutely no problem benching him.

This is quite simply a low risk high reward situation for the Bulls. If Jimmer is able to contribute great, I am glad they signed him. If not, oh well he will be gone after this season will little to no effect on the Chicago Bulls in the future.

Obviously I hope it works out for Jimmer because he has such a great character and was such a fun player to watch play in college at BYU. I am also open to the Bulls signing almost anyone as long as that person can help the Bulls succeed.