Eric Decker and the Indianapolis Colts have mutual interest

According to a report, Eric Decker and the Indianapolis Colts have mutual interest.

This would be a smart move for Decker but not for the Colts.

Decker would be making a great career choice by coming to Indianapolis, seeing as he would have the opportunity to play with another elite quarterback in Andrew Luck. All the while, making a butt load of money.

But this would be a huge mistake for the horseshoe. Decker’s a good number 2 receiver at best and he will be getting paid like a high end number 1 this off-season.

Why blow all that money on him when the Colts have a nice developing core of receivers as is.

Decker will just stunt the growth of those guys and provide Luck with a good receiver that doesn’t have the best hands.

And seeing as the Colts have had some trouble with receivers that don’t have the most reliable hands, I don’t think it’s a good idea to pay big money to another player with that trait (though on a much smaller scale).

I know Da’Rick Rogers had trouble with his route running last season and didn’t always have the most consistent hands, but I really liked what I saw, potential-wise. He’s a big body that made some incredible catches from time to time.

Example of one of those catches:

A lot of people forget that Rogers was a rookie last season, and not all players are elite straight out of college. Development is a varying component from player to player and, in this day and age where everything needs to be done now, people seem to forget that.

Rogers has the potential to be a good starting receiver in this league and I’m not ready to give up on him after one season, for an overpriced veteran.

Same goes for the likes LaVon Brazill and Griff Whalen. These guys all deserve a chance to get better and prove themselves, especially with another year under their belt.

Besides, the tight end position should be more prominent in the 2014 version of the Colts offense. Reason being, Dwayne Allen is coming back and offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton came to Indianapolis in hopes of featuring a two tight end offense.

So, stocking up on more receivers may not be the best use of resources.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this recent development: would signing Decker be good or bad for the Colts?

Decker highlights:

  • erik

    My thoughts are as follows:
    I don’t really see the argument that he can’t be a no. 1 option considering he still pulled in 8 touchdowns as a young receiver in a Kyle Orton/Tim Tebow driven offense. We can all say with confidence Reggie has been a great no. 1 target, and his first 4 seasons in the league were very similar statistically and actually less productive than Decker’s. You may argue that Peyton Manning is a better passer now than he was then but 2004 was arguably his best season of efficiency. Also Thomas leeched targets in the same fashion Marvin Harrison did during those years. People suggest Decker drops too many passes, but for a comparison, during Wayne’s 6th season in the league he brought in 86 catches on 137 targets. Decker’s 4th season in the league he caught 87 on 137 targets.

    So for all fairness, Decker is actually ahead of Reggie Wayne in terms of progression at this point in his career. Another receiver groomed by Peyton Manning and in the hands of Luck seems like a wonderful addition that is worth the money rather than gambling on the continued progression of 3 young receivers. The Colts are lucky if Rogers, Brazill, or Whalen develop into a starter but expecting that more than one will is just brash, hopeful thinking. Hilton is a speed, over-the-top receiver, Wayne is a sure-handed route runner, and we’re still waiting to see what the rest become. We all hope Fleener, Allen, or Rogers become the big, sizable red zone threat we’re missing but Decker has shown to be consistent in that regard.

    • Faraz Majid

      When it comes to Deckers drops, I watched almost every Broncos game this season and it’s something I noticed right away and I haven’t even looked at the numbers. I’m not saying it simply cause it’s something I’ve heard around the league but because it’s what I’ve seen and it’s a true statement and one that can’t be ignored.

      As for saying it’s brash and hopeful to hope those guys pan out: look at seattles receiving group. Jermaine Kearse and Doug Baldwin were drafted where? That team won the Super Bowl so it may be hopeful but not brash.

      Decker is a VERY GOOD number 2. I thought he played well with Tebow but my point was he’s not worth the number 1 money that he will be getting in free agency. I would rather the Colts draft a receiver than pay his price tag.

  • j

    The saying is “boat load” of money Faraz not “butt load” of money. Write like that and we really will think you have a man crush on the colts! Lol I’m from Indiana too, it’s definitely “boat load” bud.

    • Faraz

      Haha I just find the phrase, butt load, to be funny so I used it instead! I guess I made my own saying

    • Irish Lass

      I like “butt load” better.

  • jjordan

    Depends on how the deal is structured and for how many years I could see giving the dude 7-8 mill a year for 3-4 years but beyond that no…he is not a 10 million dollar reciever

    • Faraz

      It’s just that, that kind of money would be better spent on more pressing needs. Paying a receiver that much just doesn’t seem prudent, seeing as we have a young developing receiving core.

      Though, I do understand the concern with the unknown quantities in these young guys and Wayne coming off an ACL injury, it just doesn’t seem like the right decision.