Green Bay Packers: 3 offensive free agents to look at

The Green Bay Packers have been a top notch offense since the days of Brett Favre and head coach Mike Holmgren.  Now, the Packers are led by a different Mike, head coach Mike McCarthy, and have possibly the best quarterback in the league with Aaron Rodgers.  Add to that a new found running game in Eddie Lacy, and the Packers can beat defenses by either the air or ground.

While Rodgers is a top three quarterback, wide receivers Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, and James Jones have emerged as possibly the best receiving corps in the NFL.  The Packers are loaded on offense, but here are three free agents that might help them even more.

Brandon Myers

With tight end Andrew Quarless hitting the free agent market and Jermichael Finley still not sure if the Packers will resign him after his neck injury, the Packers have to find a new tight end either in the draft or free agency.  If they decide to go the free agent way, Brandon Myers might be a player to look at.  In each of the last two seasons, one with the Oakland Raiders and the other with the New York Giants, Myers has caught four touchdowns.  While he might not be a number one tight end, he would be a good backup if they draft a tight end in the first round of the NFL draft.

Eric Decker

With James Jones also heading into free agency, the Packers may need to find another target for Aaron Rodgers.  In his last two seasons playing with the Denver Broncos and quarterback Peyton Manning, Eric Decker has caught 24 combined touchdowns and over 2,000 yards receiving.  If Jones is not resigned, Decker would be a perfect replacement, as he too can stretch the field.

Green Bay Packers

Matt Cassel could be the veteran backup the Packers need

Matt Cassel

In week 9 of last season, one hit changed the course of the Packers’ season.  When Aaron Rodgers went down, the Packers were forced to put in an aging Seneca Wallace as their new quarterback, and after Wallace got hurt, undrafted Scott Tolzien took control of the offense.  But, Tolzien struggled and Matt Flynn was signed to save the Packers’ season.  Like many other Packers, Flynn is hitting the free agent market and the Packers are left with Rodgers and Tolzien as their only quarterbacks on the roster.  With that being said, the Packers might want to sign a veteran in the event Rodgers goes down again.  While Matt Cassel did struggle with the Kansas City Chiefs and Minnesota Vikings, he did have success when he started for one season for the New England Patriots.  By no stretch will Cassel be asked to compete for the starting job.  But, a viable backup quarterback would provide the Packers with a much needed safety net.

  • Arthur Jackson

    Jaka you need to look up some facts. I agree on Jordy over Jones, but your denigrating Jones is unfounded. Both had 3 drops last year. Both have had 6 in one season. Jordy has 18 in 6 seasons – 3.0 a year. Jones has 21 in 7 seasons – 3.0 a year. Last year Jones was one of the WRs who should have been in the ward – he played the last 4 games with two broken ribs.

  • Mitch Cumsteen

    What? Nobody’s signing FA wr’s for significant $ with this draft class, or blocking te’s for that matter. Idiot.

  • JaKa

    Why would the Packers want a guy that’s dropped by not only New England, a winning team that would have kept him if he showed signs of continuing that winning tradition? If he had it even well enough to back up, he’s still in N. E, isn’t that how it works? Then top it of KC didn’t want him and the Vikings who would take anybody who can throw the ball 35 yards, with proven records year after year of having lost any winning tradition they used to have didn’t want him either? The last move was after he had shown he’s not what it takes. Our neighbors to the west HAD things going 20 years ago, but those days are gone, past and changed, now being, well let’s be honest, the bottom of the barrel. Mat Cassel should be looking for some cozy office, with 6 salesmen under him, selling insurance or vacuums, working his way up to the suburbs. He’s washed up and to even suggest picking him up is an insult to the best tandem of personnel experts in the nation. Matt Flynn has the system down, and down well enough to win as he proved. The Steelers battle made him the guy, who despite every adverse possible slaps he could take, kept him battling right up to the gun. He’s not a winner and was rejected by a few teams with far different offenses, and if you look at what they did after bouncing Flynn out, lost more than they won. KC, NE made the right choice and won after Cassell, the Vikes lose no matter what now, so that’s a N/A. I don’t know Andrew, it seems like whatever you say, makes me steam almost. You are right, they do need a saftey net or good backup. If AR goes out in game 2 with a broken collarbone (heaven forbid) he could be out for good, and at least a year, what then? He’s in an offense that has one of the worst lines Green Bay has seen in 23 years, and thats scary. Watch the draft in rounds 3 – 6 they will try to protect the much as on the other side of the ball, bringing in some pressure on the pocket. As always, they’ll be seeing a real bargan in the 3rd who should have gone late in the 1st, so we will get a new receiver, almost automatically for the big duo, MM & TT.

  • JaKa

    You should look a bit closer at teams before you make comments posted to the world, The Green Bay Packers Mr. Andrew McConnell ranked 3rd (espn) last year, 5th ( in 2012 and 1st ( in 2011 when they were 15 & 1 sir, with all due respect, you don’t know your… and the pair of Ted Thompson & Mike McCarthy are in the top 5 winners year after year since 1992 when McCarthy was Brett Farve’s coach! Do not count on signing James Jones, while over seven years he averaged 44 catches per season, too bad they don’t keep stats on drops, which he led the league in, along with 9 fumbles in 310 catches. Last year he had 47 catches despite a ward full of offensive receivers injured, giving him a chance at more playing time that went to others instead. J. Jones is an asset but not as big as we would like to keep on a team that makes them like McDonalds serves hamburgers Jones was lucky to stay this long and his cap does not warrant keeping him, unless he might be a model citizen doing 5 charity events a week or whatever, but don’t count on him making it. They might and could find a rookie to come in and do his work for far less money and that’s where T.T. is genius. Do yourself a favor and get the fact backed up before you. Jordy Nelson came up a year later than J.J. and had like 85 catches compared to JJ’s 44 last year, so he is worth twice as much to the team, seeing how they both had an equal opportunity, and Nelson only dropped one or two balls, in the rain, on a 4 foot jump for the ball, double covered 3 inches from the end-line. Not only that, but Nelson played the “13 season with more speed than any receiver in the league. He’s tops to come down with 85 on a team that uses 16 (14) different guns to catch the ball.

  • kp

    Agree on decker..too pricy…and meyers would be good but hes more of a blocker then a reciever…should grab a te or safety in first round n whichever they didnt draft in first go after in second…

  • ryan

    Brandon myers would be a decent pick up. No way they land Decker. He’s gonna get a huge deal from someone.