New York Yankees shutout city

New York Yankees shutout Philadelphia Phillies:

When you think shutout you think baseball, or at least I do! And as a Major League Baseball fan I am well aware of the term shutout, and the meaning behind it (to win over a team who does not score during the game).

Yankees shutout Phillies

Philadelphia Phillies Outfielder Domonic Brown

So when my Sports Center app sends an alert saying the New York Yankees shutout the Phillies my heart flutters for a moment, this is what I LOVE to read about. But even more importantly, what I love to see the Yankees do during regular season. So hopefully this preseason shutout over the Phillies is a stepping stone telling fans that the Yankees are in it to win it, and they aren’t backing down ya’ll!

Tanaka who?!

You know by now who Masahiro Tanaka is, and why I’m a fan of his already! He is a strong player, he is already showing his talents and his dedication to improvement for himself and his team and he is already adored by his teammates and staff! So when you see the name Tanaka come up in a post, or anytime anywhere, I hope you think of me and my love for this Japanese jewel sporting pin stripes for New York. Tanaka took part in the Yankees’ shutout win over the Phillies on Saturday March 1st but he wasn’t the only pitcher on the mound. He did get 3 strikeouts during his 2 innings on the mound for the Bombers, helping lead the Yankees to an important spring training win over the Phillies. He walked onto the field for the fifth inning. His world renowned split finger fastball made an appearance too! Tanaka told reporters, through a translator, that he felt relieved to get a chance to

Yankees shutout Phillies

Philadelphia Phillies and former Twins outfielder Ben Revere

“throw against the batters over here”. During the sixth inning Tanaka struck out allstar player Domonic Brown. Brown is one of what we hope will be many many players to strike out against the Japanese pitcher, who’s earned run average was 1.27 last year with the Rakuten Golden Eagles as Tanaka led the team to their very first Japanese Series Title.  Obviously the Yankees lucked out snatching up the $155 million dollar man now it will be interesting to see how they utilize him during his first season playing in America.

Ohhh Jeter

Wherefore art thou Jeter?! Going 0-2 with a walk in his second game so far this year, and is so far hitless in his 4 at bats. However depressing he has been so far it is still preseason,

and the man still has time to get back into the groove of things. But earth to Jeter, just cause you’re retiring after this year does NOT mean you can just kinda go with the flow! I guess he realized that in the third inning when he pulled a double play off, fielding former Twins player Ben Revere’s grounder up the middle, tagging out runner Cesar Hernandez then throwing to first to finish off the play. Ok, Jeter still has it he just hasn’t polished it off yet. Maybe when the season opener rolls around we’ll see better things from the Yankees’ very own McDreamy.